Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Changes in the Catholic Church and Other Things

It isn't uncommon to find parishes distributing the Communion host only at services during flu season. That's probably a good idea, as it minimizes the spread of infectious organisms during Mass.

What is uncommon is changing from directly placing the Ash Wednesday ashes on the forehead, and, instead, sprinkling them on the top of the head.

That's what's happening in the Church of the Philippines today. It very well may be a sensible precaution, but it has not been implemented in prior regional viral epidemics.

In other news, an ABC newsman has been suspended for comments he made on a Project Veritas video, and will be reassigned after his return.

I can only hope this is the first of MANY media people to get their hoo-hahs caught in a vise. We know they are speaking this way, when they think we are not listening. But, it's nice to get confirmation of their bias.

Oh, what?!? Da' Strong Women in Broadcasting (Da' Broads) can't handle a simple task like keeping the debate from becoming a brawl?

I've seen Norah O'Donnell before - my husband is captivated by her looks and distinctive fashion style (which, to be fair, is both stylish and professional). I never thought too much about her reporting, but the way she - and Gayle King - let the debate get out of hand was a disgrace. They needed to step up and control the situation, but didn't.

Fox News puts it more straightforwardly:
There was a two-hour street fight in South Carolina Tuesday night that turned into something that resembled a debate between the seven leading Democratic presidential candidates.
 I've been experimenting with podcasting apps. I'm planning to buy an external microphone, but would welcome any advice readers have to provide. I'm leaning towards a Yeti, perhaps the Yeti Nano (a little less expensive model). I have little experience with the technology, and buying a high-end mic might be overkill. In many technologies, high-end just means more complicated, and can make using it more difficult.

That's the model I'm considering.

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TechieDude said...

I do this for a living. Yeti's are good mics
And if it comes with the boom and the pop suppressor, it's a good deal.