Thursday, February 20, 2020

The Real Battle is Not Politics, It's Culture

That culture is Post-American. How does that differ from American Culture?

American Culture Post-American Result
Married Family Structure Female-Headed Family Fathers have little influence on children's lives. Government has more intrusion into single-parent families
Parent at Home Working Parents with Daycare Increased illness, Less parental oversight, Outside influence on child's moral upbringing increases
Most services provided in-home, including meal production Most services must be bought from outside vendors Drain on available money, less nutritious meals at greater expense
Time available for community activities Less time for community involvement Less connectivity to community, sports organizations must depend on non-parental leaders
These are just a few of the losses that have changed American culture. I'm sure that you can think of many others.

So many of the Democratic leadership wants to emulate European countries.

What part would they like to copy?

News Flash for Elites: We ain't Europe.

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