Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Digging Out the Deep State

I'm not one that faults Trump, or his team, for not having done it yet. This was a deeply entrenched group of people. However, they were - and are - vulnerable on one front.

They were dumb enough to communicate, regularly, with the media. Some have extensive contacts with media who gave them stuff.

A practice otherwise known as a bribe.

Now, that is an indictable, FIREABLE offense.

The Deep State didn't start acting under Obama. They've been around for a LONG time. It will take time to clear them out.

One thing that Trump can do is put in place oversight. If an employee's actions have caused trouble with one sector of government, that person needs to be stopped from transferring to another sector - however seemingly innocuous. Similarly, a shady background in a hire for a part of government that is far distant from Intelligence, Enforcement, or State needs to be blocked. Many of the employees in the State Dept. that caused problems with their Soviet contacts/influencers were originally in the Agriculture Dept. At the time they were hired (the Depression), Ag was growing, and they began their Long March Through Government.

Guys, these people clearly aren't Rocket Scientists. They're often the dumbest and most transparent of the pack.

However, there is one thing that needs to be looked at when hiring.

Where does the spouse work, and who are the contacts? Too many of the spouses have been connected to news media, Leftist foundations, and Leftist lobbying organizations. The idea of a "Power Couple" hides the reality:

The spouse's function is to provide cover for bribery, influence, and under-the-table contacts.

Take a good look at what the spouse does, and who her/his contacts and closest associates are. Then, fire the employee, if the connection has caused problems - like Bruce Ohr did.

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