Thursday, February 13, 2020

The High Cost of Dissent From the Leftist Orthodoxy

It may hit women harder (yeah, I know, I know). But, it is true that many women are deeply dependent on social acceptance.

Here is the story about one of those dissident women. She risked paying a huge price in her online business.

She makes a point about the fact that women, generally, only slam their victims publicly. They don't contact the subject of their bullying directly, through messaging or email. This would fit the idea that for women, this group bullying is a mechanism through which they publicly declare their allegiance to the group.


Francis W. Porretto said...

I remember that story. It makes plain just how completely, insanely, fascistically conformist the Left is. But note that the one thing that would have immunized the victim is the one thing she never thought to do: to tell her attackers to "Fuck off and die."

Perhaps women simply won't do that sort of thing. They should learn.

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Manu said...

It's a form of public signalling. Group allegiance is one signal they send. But there are others, like "I'm more moral than you" or "I'm a better/smarter/cuter person than you."

For women, generally speaking, these are performances designed to increase their own social stature in some fashion at the expense of someone else.

Linda Fox said...

Thanks for the tip, Fran. I've created a snippet to automatically put that in.

Linda Fox said...

Or, even easier, click on the New Window box when posting links. When I went to test my snippet, I found that - DUH, as Homer would say.