Wednesday, February 12, 2020

I LIKE This Focus on Government Budgets

I hadn't known a lot about Sen. Jodi Ernst before. Honestly, I would have neither recognized a picture of her, nor been able to tell you which state she represented (Iowa), let alone her positions on legislation.

But, this Breitbart story is one to read. Many of these provisions in the bill are good common sense, and the aspects forcing the House to postpone adjournment until after their budget is delivered is priceless.

If she can manage to pull this one off, she would be in an excellent position to enter the 2024 Presidential race, whether in the top spot, or looking for a role as a VP.

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Rick C said...

"The End-of-the-Year Fiscal Responsibility Act, which would eliminate the “use-it or lose-it” incentive many government agencies feel at the end of the fiscal year. The bill would limit an agency’s spending in the last two months of the fiscal year to no more than the average it spent per month during the previous ten months."

This seems like a great idea.