Thursday, February 6, 2020

Coffee Straight Up the Nose Department.

I followed a link from a choice article[1] by Toni Williams in which she takes apart Mitt Romney impersonator, Bill Kristol. It took me to The Bulwark, the new perch from which Kristol will be instructing the unwashed. This is from the "About Us" tab of that site:
The Bulwark is a project of the Defending Democracy Together Institute. DDTI is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to preserving America’s democratic norms, values, and institutions, and educating the public on conservative principles like rule of law, free trade, and expanding legal immigration.[2]
This would be the usual from The Conservatism that Conserves Nothing on immigration, the holiest of sacred sancrotitties, as though America cannot have one minute of existence on the planet where some squishy "conservative" doesn't wets his or her pants in delight at the prospect of bringing more bleeping foreigners to "enrich," so help me God, us with their presence, genius, boundless good will and productive energy, and creative ways of transforming and subverting the Republic for which it stands.

These kind of "conservatives" remind me of that wholly gratuitous episode of cowardice and betrayal that that toad Spielberg just had to insert in "Saving Private Ryan," where the contemptible GI with a loaded rifle can't bring himself to walk up five steps in the stairway to save his buddy in the process of having a bayonet shoved into his chest. It's that Buckley conservativism and Conservative, Inc.-conservatism that never fails – never – to miss the point of what a nation is about. No balls. No fire. Just well-crafted snark and flaccid readings of our recent history and its feeble struggles against communist infiltration and subversion.

It's not about worshipping foreigners and stroking one's chin respectfully in the face of each new lunatic liberal-progressive-socialist-communist-McCainiacal attack on common sense and decency. And free trade? Legal immigration? On what planet are these cardinal conservative values? What good is free trade to the nation if the suits can't figure out that we're being taken to the cleaners by wage and currency manipulators, thieves, and Corporate America sellouts and scum suckers?

Rule of law? The last 80 years or so, if not the last 107 years, have been an exercise in standing the Constitution on its head to turn the federal government into the tax-eating, liberty-destroying, war-besotted behemoth that it is now. But these squishes prattle about stuff that sends normal people to sleep instead of getting their blood to boil. "Charge, boys! Maybe."

A bulwark against what exactly? The globalist, diversity-worshipping, mega-surveillance state? Don't make me laugh. Just don't.

[1] "Bill Kristol Never Trumper Goes Full Drama Queen." By Toni Williams, Victory Girls, 2/2/20. A great site let it be said.
[2] The Bulwark.



Here in NH we have our own RINOs, headed by Jennifer Horne - a former GOP bigwig.

Begging Francis' tolerance, but I ripped her a new one on NH's big (premier?) conservative site:

I made the point, and the more I see the more I am convinced it's true, that they are content to be kept pets of the Left as long as the slop comes in the trough. (And if you'll forgive my patting myself on the back, I think my barb about being the drunk 3AM phone call is pretty good.)

In Trump we have a man who is FIGHTING like nobody has for a generation or more... and they'd rather see him cast into the fire because he's taking their spotlight and pocket-lining possibilities. Now with The Bulwark and Horne's The Lincoln Project (and doubtless others) I am sure they are getting a flood of money from the Left.

Bad enough we have to fight the shapeshifter Left. We have to contend with these people too.


Incidentally, I'm seeing one of NH's political internet sites is now "sponsored by the Lincoln Project".

Wonder where they get their money.

HoundOfDoom said...

One of Trumps greatest accomplishments has been the unmasking of 'Conservationism, Inc.'. A group of organizations and individuals designed to do nothing, except to separate rubes from their money. NR and Kristol were famous for doing this through expensive cruises. Which is why he's often greeted with a derisive 'Ahoy!' when raising his silly head on Twitter.

Thank god Kristol, Rubin, are exposed for the lying grifters that they are.