Sunday, February 23, 2020

Thinking Outside The Box Dept.

     Great God in heaven, what a morning this is proving to be! First the Wall Street Journal tells us that “avocadoes are violent,” and now we have this:

     After decades of effort and untold millions invested in the search for an effective treatment for Alzheimer’s, the disease remains unchecked and rampant. Most recently, the New York Times reported that researchers declared defeat after the failure of yet another experimental drug designed to fight the formation of the disease’s signature amyloid plaque in the brain.

     But according to Shlomi Raz, CEO and founder of biomedical startup, Eleusis, the problem with conventional, single-target approaches to Alzheimer’s is that they don’t take into account the multiple dysregulated processes in the disease’s complex pathobiology.

     And Raz’s company’s approach to the disease is anything but conventional.

     Eleusis is investigating the anti-inflammatory potential of psychedelics as medicines, specifically the application of sub-perceptual doses of LSD in halting the progression of Alzheimer’s disease at its earliest detectable stage.

     “Forbes: Capitalist Tool!” indeed.

     I assume a “sub-perceptual” dose would not trigger the hallucinations and fantasies characteristic of an acid trip...but it’s just an assumption. The brains of Alzheimer’s sufferers could react in a completely different fashion. But considering the disorientation and terror that Alzheimer’s patients are known to experience, the trip might prove salutary anyway. Only one way to find out, as they say.


JWM said...

Fran, you can take this for what ever it may be, but here is my experience. I'm the same age as you. In December of '17 I did a small dose (1/4 of a tab). It was the first time since about 1972. It wasn't sub perceptual. I got a nice buzz from it. But it wasn't enough for any visual fireworks either. It was a wonderful experience. I was on a bike ride at the beach with my club. I was reminded very clearly that despite the problems of this age and time, that the world we live in is suffused with beauty.

Now I had a bad problem with road rage. It's frighteningly common here in So Cal. Trying to negotiate the twenty mile crawl from my house to the coast would often leave me screaming in frustration. Well after the serious effects had passed, I drove home that afternoon like I was on a mellow drive through the country. No frustration at all. I could deal with traffic. Over two years have passed. Traffic is still frustrating, but the road rage has not returned. My wife is grateful for that.


Linda Fox said...

LSD has been used to help those with PTSD process their terrifying memories into a manageable form. Early studies have shown great promise - in a clinical setting.

This means, for God's sake, don't just allow anyone to use it in therapy - only those specifically trained may have access to it.