Sunday, February 9, 2020

"Welcoming" the Incoming Leftist Refugees

I was reading an article from City Journal, regarding the out-migration of CA residents to Red States.

The states that are experiencing the influx of CA refugees have concerns about their own state becoming a CA echo. That concern is not totally unjustified.


sykes.1 said...

Ex-Massachusetts migrants have turned New Hampshire blue.


Same situation on a smaller scale here in NH.

Massholes move up to escape the high taxes and cloying regulation... but keep voting "D". IMHO there's something deficient in the liberal mind that prevents them from making connections like this.

And then there are people who move, malice aforethought, to turn TX blue.

(I wrote about that but I won't abuse the privilege.)

HoundOfDoom said...

As a person who is finally decamping coastal California for Texas this year I have one question.

Did you read the article?

Because it reinforces WHY we are leaving.

High taxes and a hostile government.

Think about it. This is a fookin' liberal paradise. Best weather in the country, government regulations up the ying yang, firearms VERY tightly controlled, overwhelming fealty to the 'global warming' cult, drug addicted bums everywhere, and a close contender for the highest taxes in the country.

You think I want that in Texas with a harsher climate on top?

Look, I come originally from Cleveland. I came to Cali many years ago for the weather and the car culture. Leaving this hurts. Really, really, hurts.

And I've fought the leftists to no avail. With the latest developments on 'motor voter' signing up all the illegals and 'ballot harvesting' ensuring they voter correctly, California will never be livable for conservatives again short of force of arms.

Thanks worthless lazy, stupid California Republican Party.

So the LAST thing I want is this same crap in my new home.

The article reflects that. Conservatives are fleeing, liberals are staying.

The real menace is immigrants, legal and illegal, that vote 70% democrat. Uncontrolled immigration will kill America - which is what the fascists on the left want. They'd rather rule over ruins than let America be free.

But stop shit talking Californians. We're not the biggest part of the problem - by a long shot.

Mike Guenther said...

We left California in the mid 70's and moved to WNC. When we left, California was still a great place to live. Reagan was governor, Pete Wilson was mayor of San Diego, then bacame governor of California before moving on to be a senator. So California was still a conservative state. I believe they started going down hill when Gray Davis became governor.

daniel_day said...

The first paragraph of the article, which is otherwise fine, contained this misstatement: "The election of increasingly progressive candidates in Colorado sparked talk there of the “Californication” of the Centennial State." "has sparked", meaning "sparked recently"? Uh, no. I moved from the PNW to Colorado in 1972, and there was already a bumper sticker saying "Don't Californicate Colorado!"
Hound of Doom, your point is well taken, but while "Californicate" does not apply to CA conservatives who are leaving in disgust, it does apply to who I call "Californicatians", and it has been a cuss word for a long time.

Mark said...

We in Virginia are also seeing this phenomena as people flee Maryland and DC, then vote for the same crap that turned their original homes into liberal hell-holes. That, coupled with Bloomberg buying elections for local democrats, will soon turn a state I love into a place to flee. And having moved far too many times in my Air Force career, I am loath to do so... but might have to in order to avoid being turned into a felon by a stroke of Governor Blackface Babykiller's pen.

Linda Fox said...

My guess is that the MAN in the family has decided to move. I'm betting very few of the WOMEN are on board with that. A person involuntarily forced to leave friends and everything she holds dear is likely to become even more Leftist, just to show him he can't tell her what to do.

HoundOfDoom said...

Linda, IDK where you get the idea that the woman of the house gets dragged to a new locale like so much baggage. But nothing like this would happen here without the full and and enthusiastic support of my dangerously delightful spouse.

It's been said that the only thing better than the support of a good woman is the support of a bad one. While there have been nights where her wrath over one of my transgressions have had me wondering if I would wake up the next morning, overall, this marriage has been a positive decision.

And if you knew just how bad it's gotten here, you would not say that either. The famous San Francisco 'poo map' is only a small part of the problem.

And out of our circle of friends, two families have left in the last year, and I know of two others that are, frankly, using us leaving as a test case. I expect to welcome them as guests to our new home in the coming year.

Be well.

Unknown said...

I agree that most Californians that I am running into here in Houston are not coming here to change Texas. The only thing they would like to change is the weather. LOL So far they are happy as hell with the amount of home that they can buy with 1/3 of the cash needed in CA. They talk about the crazy regs, taxes, etc... all gladly left behind in CA. The even laugh about their crazy family who decided to stay. In the comments above I read a lot of the concerns that I originally had along with the flow from CA. But after all the dust clears I believe most are here in Texas to keep it red than change it blue.

Mike Smith said...

We are trying to leave CA (Native forever) and am genuinely concerned with the reception we will receive when we arrive elsewhere.

Any tips to disguise that we came from CA? We will most definitely fit in much better in our new locale.

Francis W. Porretto said...

Ryan: Claim it's not "CA" that you're from but ".ca" and you'll be all right. Moreover, everyone will be very polite! (:-)