Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Life with clueless, gutless leaders.

We’re living through another [radical shift in the way we live, work, and engage with one another] right now . . . a powerful, dangerous social trend that’s being driven by anger and ignorance.

Think about it: 5 years ago around this time, things still felt pretty normal.

There was always political bickering and ideological conflict... but discourse was pretty civil. No one advocated for violence or called someone else a racist simply for having a different opinion.

Then all of a sudden, in late 2015, people started becoming completely unglued.

"The World Became Unrecognizable In Less Than A Decade." By Simon Black, ZeroHedge, 2/24/20 (emphasis removed).



What's that expression, "Tipping point"?

IMHO things were sliding slowly-slowly. All of a sudden the acceleration of what was already building up began.

Col. B. Bunny said...

Quite so. We clearly decided to go Full Retard as a civilization. I still cannot fathom the absence of antibodies to the madness. Seemingly sensible people say things like "responsibility to protect," "American exceptionalism," "regime change," "Russian collusion," and "affirmative action."

I never need to experiment with LSD. I know exactly what the effects of it are.