Sunday, February 2, 2020

After Impeachment (If There IS an After)

I'm feeling more than a little relieved - our Long National Nightmare looks to be over, soon.

However, knowing the underhanded tactics of the Dems, I won't breathe easily until after the final vote (and, knowing the Democrats, a lot of noisy posturing).

About the only thing that gives me hope for the next year is that the Jacka$$ Party is so filled with egomaniacs, they are likely to form a Circular Firing Squad, taking out other D's in the process.

Some things I'm looking forward to:

  • Preparing to file our taxes - MUCH more interesting, and involving less creative presentation of the 'facts'.
  • FINALLY being over this respiratory infection. I'm in the last days of it.
  • FINALLY being able to return to some time in the gym. My knees have been quite painful lately, and I could hardly spend more than an hour or two at a stretch out of bed. Really, I shouldn't complain - the ortho guy says that the deterioration is not that bad. Not nearly bad enough to replace them. I'm such a baby about pain.
  • Being able to turn on the TV without the breathlessly excited Dems crowing about how Trump is 'goin' down'. I may do a mash-up of all the Sad Faces that will follow the vote (Wednesday, probably).
  • Enjoying and anticipating the furor that will follow this year's sabotage of The Bern. Truly, he is the Charlie Brown of politics, endlessly falling for the promises of Lucy. It will be epic to see the frustrated supporters in tears.
  • Enjoying watching Yet Another Dem Candidate burn through millions in an effort to stop Bern. Apparently, Bloomberg is the latest Great White Hope. Once again, the powers in the D Party have tinkered with the rules for debate qualification to allow the Rich White Guy to get in, despite having shut down People of Color, using different rules. Same Old, Same Old.
  • Getting back to my bioterrorism novel. I've been both too busy with life issues, and too sick/injured to work on it much in the last 3 months. I need to get cracking, as the topic is quite timely.
Enjoy the Super Bowl, if that's your idea of fun. I'm strictly a social watcher of sports (other than the Cleveland Indians, that consume me in season). I do it to give my husband someone to talk with about the game, as his brothers (also rabid fans) live far away.

Oh, and - Happy Groundhog Day!


Glenda T Goode said...

The Impeachment will end but it will never end. The largest problem is that the democrats are not the only ones who want Trump gone any way possible. Establishment republicans want him gone too. They would rather lose the white house than hold it. This is how deep the corruption goes in DC.

Practically all politicians are so deep in criminal graft and back door financial manipulations that they cannot risk being exposed. Thus, the forever dump Trump movement.

Linda, have you tried swimming? It is by far the easiest exercise on your knees and is excellent cardio wise.

Linda Fox said...

I have, and I do love the water. Unfortunately, just walking to the car, and into the pool, is more than I can stand some days. Like I said, I'm a baby about pain.