Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Time for Schiff to Have an Intervention

I HOPE he's just a drunk. I'd hate to think his tangled thinking is the result of mental instability.

Schiff says that Trump needs to be stopped, because otherwise, he will sell Alaska to the Russians.

Several points come to mind:

  • Russia already has a frozen, mineral and oil rich terrority - it's called Siberia. If Schiff looks at a world map, he will see that it's just a teensy bit to the left of Alaska. Why should Putin spend money to get more of the same?
  • Trump is a real-estate guy - he knows that a guy who already has a mansion is a poor prospect for another. A better buyer would be an energy-poor country - like Japan, for example. If you don't have a need, why pay top dollar?
  • Alaska has not been fully exploited for its minerals and other resources. It's a potential gold mine (so to speak). Who sells a gold mine, without being sure that it is played out? Whatever you think of Trump, he has a good eye for an investment.
It's time. Time for the fellows with the restraining white jackets to descend upon Congress, and corral these clearly loony fools - starting with Schiff, but not exempting Nadler, Abrams, and the rest of the goofs that pushed this losing proposition on the rest of the House.

I'm still amazed that these guys have a job. If the GOP doesn't target those districts with SANE candidates, they're missing a bet.

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boron said...

Sell Alaska - no way.
Buy Greenland - that's more the Donald's style