Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Rage, or Calculated Insult? Updated

I'm going with deliberate insult and demonstration of disrespect.

Nancy's 'rage' is calculated. It is intended to get critics to back off!

She needed to gain points with the AOC-affiliated House members, and stave off any talk of getting rid of her as Speaker. Therefore, she did this planned, theatrical action, in front of cameras, to send a signal to dissidents.

She also did it WHILE his back was turned.

Which was chickenshit. If you're going to insult someone, do it to his face.

No one mentioned that, after being given that folder, she extended her hand in psuedo-reconciliation.

Trump ignored it. And, this is a man that knows what meaningless courtesies are, and generally gives them without respect to his true feelings.

Not this time.

So, after, while the President was speaking, she did NOT show a pretense of attention, instead focusing on the speech, and apparently marking it up with rebuttal remarks.

She could have walked away, content in her 'righteousness'. Instead, she delivered (again, behind his back, the little sneak) a calculated insult.

Which, he ignored.

Lord, she must be pi$$ed. All that work to send a message, only to have the message ignored.

Update: Pelosi may have committed a felony last night.

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