Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Ultra-Quickies: There Is One Popular Commentator, At Least

     ...who has eyes that see:

     One beef about Ambassador to Germany Ric Grenell (he’ll stay on in that critical job while acting DNI) is that he gives the euroweenies the sadz by telling them things they don’t want to hear, like “Pay your share of NATO, deadbeats,” and “Stop sucking up to the mullahs, jerks.” Okay, I added the “deadbeats” and “jerks” parts. And it is indicative of our failed establishment’s mindset that the alleged pros are more concerned with pleasing foreigners than protecting American interests. [Emphasis added by FWP]

     I’m glad someone else has finally noticed — and has said so out loud.



If they please foreigners - who overall hate / resent America - they get invited to the "beautiful people" cocktail parties. And get laudatory puff pieces in the media, which are then regurgitated to them at the next cocktail party, e.g., "Hey, Mr. So and so, I saw that article in … so fantastic to see a person of your education and intellect noticed".

Lather, rinse, repeat.

Kye said...

Don't forget all the international awards and the corresponding BIG CASH they receive by being America/Trump haters. Everything from Nobel's to Pulitzer's are only bestowed on the weakest and most pathetic haters of Freedom. Multiply that by all the fukin' "awards shows" for egomaniac's from movies to media and you get the picture. They are all whores!

Linda Fox said...

What a load of suck-ups! The Thomas Jefferson model - flatter them, adopt their culture, and forget you're a freakin' American. He had his good points, but he got swept up into the Revolutionary fervor of the times, when he was in France, and never was quite the same. He started to believe his own PR.

Still, Monticello is amazing.