Thursday, February 20, 2020

Get 'Chur Popcorn!

Oberlin College is cutting back (Go Woke, Go Broke).

Now, I used to live in Ohio. I attended some teacher professional development courses (BEFORE the Wokeness fully hit). Our family enjoyed the town (yes, we did shop at Gibsons). There used to be a cheap movie house, very nice. The parks were beautiful, and the faculty (mostly science and math) were very good.

It's entirely possible that Oberlin may, indeed, go out of business. It's happened to a lot of schools recently. Bernie's wife presided over the destruction of Burlington College (although, to be fair, it had a very small endowment, and the staff was WAY overpaid - including her).

But, this is a signal. A LOT of Leftist institutions are gonna implode over the next few months/years. Expect a huge growth in Formerly Elite Bums hitting the streets - not to beg, but to DEMAND that we compensate them.


Like that's gonna happen.


John Henry Eden said...

Of course the chumps who clean up after the entitled little commie brats are going to take the hit.

sykes.1 said...

Oberlin’s endowment is clos to $1B, so they have some slack. Nonetheless, what we are seeing is gross mismanagement and arrogant misconduct by ideologues and self-righteous, privileged women of color.

evilfranklin said...

Walmart is hiring.