Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Ultra-Quickies: A Heartlifting Statement

     There are folks whose principal pastime is acting offended, because it wins them social and political privileges. Among these, Latino immigrants to the U.S. have recently been prominent. Sarah Hoyt has had enough of their shit and wants them to know it:

     Don’t come here to then accuse people here of “racism” for not treating you as if they owe you something. If you’re a Latin immigrant, FIFO (Fit in or F off.) And if you and yours have been here for generations and wish to remain here, then assume your responsibility for the American project and for your own life. Stop trying to play the part of victim. It’s not cute, it’s not funny, and it destroys not just you but the nation. Also, as someone others — including the State Department — associate with Latin immigrants, I’m sick and tired of it.



pc-not said...

I like it when concepts are broken down into simple terms. Fifo is now my new pet acronym.

Linda Fox said...

I like Sarah; her blog was quite influential in getting me going on writing and beginning to take myself seriously.


When my immigrant wife finally (!) got her social security number, she insisted I drive her THAT DAY to the local mall so she could apply for jobs.