Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Quickies: Firearms Marketing, A Discussion

     Apparently, a major gun-control activist / executive has opened a new front in the war on the right to keep and bear arms:

     The leader of a gun-control group decried efforts to sell firearms to minorities and women as "incredibly dangerous" on Monday.

     "Gun makers are softening their image to ‘put a better face in front of people' & ‘ramp up its appeal to women, children and members of minority groups,'" Igor Volsky, executive director of gun-control activist group Guns Down America, said in a tweet. Volsky, who is also a former vice president of the Center for American Progress, was commenting on a New York Times story about firearms marketing.

     "That's right," Volsky continued. "Gun makers are increasingly advertising to WOMEN, CHILDREN & MINORITY COMMUNITIES. Firearm industry realizes that to survive into the future it must ‘broaden its reach beyond the aging white men who have been its core customers'—and so they're now trying to sell their products to other demographics. This is incredibly dangerous."

     Well, as distasteful as it is to me to give my approval to a pro-gun-control tirade, I must say that Volsky has a point. Consider the way women have been taught by their harridan-feminist sisters to view men. Can anyone seriously doubt that an increase in women’s ownership of firearms would result in more husband-icides? Surely we’d be better off banning heterosexual relationships altogether in favor of government-administered brothels!

     As for “minorities,” Volsky is trying to avoid saying “blacks and Hispanics.” And here too he has a point. Look at the crime statistics! What demographics commit most of the violent crimes and crimes against property? Actually, Volsky’s point isn’t quite strong enough: if those demographics are so violent, why are they permitted to remain in the U.S., hmmm?

     As for children, their unsuitability for bearing small arms has been well analyzed and covered already:

     This Volsky gentleman should consider the implications of his statements before he elects to flap his yap.


Kye said...

I couldn't believe what this moron was saying. The weakest and most oppressed among us should be denied the ability to defend themselves. Insane. Gotta be a Dem.

Francis W. Porretto said...

Religious zealots are like that, Kye. If reality contradicts the Faith, then reality must go, for the Faith is supreme above all.

cc said...

The "Children and Firearms" illustration may not be fully appreciated by some, so it helps to remember that in the Age of Sail, "Powder Monkeys" were young children because they were small and fast. Small to get into the Restricted Spaces between Decks, and Gunpowder Magazines in the Ship's Hold, and Fast, so they could keep the Cannon supplied with Powder during Naval Engagements. The Marine Society recruited 500-600 boys per year to serve in the British Royal Navy in the mid-1790s. A significant number of those recruited became Powder Monkeys.

John said...

There's a Youtube vid of a bunch of 9 year olds emplacing and shooting a 1917.