Friday, February 7, 2020

Quickies: What You Need To Know

     Back when Glenn Beck had a program on the Headline News cable channel, he would include in each of his shows a segment on “what you need to know.” Those segments were often exactly as described: important information likely to have been downplayed – if not completely concealed – by the mainstream media. I was a regular viewer back then, and I often made notes of the items thus tagged.

     It isn’t often I feel a need to tell anyone “what you need to know,” but such an occasion is upon us:

     The bill is about 4400 words long, and horrifying from first to last. If you’d like a professional’s explication de texte, here’s Tucker Carlson’s analysis:

     I have read the bill. It’s as bad as Tucker makes it sound; possibly worse, given the huge amount of discretion it awards to unelected officials whose identities are likely to be concealed from us.

     Yes, the video is 13-plus minutes long. Please watch it. Then ask yourself Tucker’s question:

Why have we heard nothing about this from the mainstream news media?

     I’d like an answer, wouldn’t you?


Linda Fox said...

Oh, come ON! You know why - and who to blame. Not just the Official Left, but a whole lot of Squishy GOP.

Thanks for the heads up. I've downloaded the text, and will be reading later, when I've finished other work.

It would seem that we should target those legislative districts for finding candidates that will challenge those supporting this - whether Dem or GOP. May I suggest that our readers send an email to those legislators, and nail them down as to whether or not they support this? Anything less than a wholehearted "Hell, NO!" should be taken to be a Probably Will. If they send the info to me, I'll set up a spreadsheet with that data - Shareable, but not editable - and those living in those districts, or adjacent to them, can begin the process of finding an alternative to the Quislings.

Soon. And, be sure to vet anyone you support. Once you do declare support, anything less than drug distribution or other CRIMES should be ignored. If they are convicted, you can always replace them with a staunch backup. But, no more MOORES. Evidence can, and has been, faked.

When they do go off to Congress, they need to be accompanied by a handler, who will keep them from honey pot situations.

Linda Fox said...

Fran , I've been thinking about issues like this. Is it possible for us to brainstorm creation of a downloadable pdf, that encapsulates legislation like this in a summary format and analysis of why it's so bad, along with links to the text of it? Set up another page/menu tab that links to the pdf?

Sometimes, the blogging is here-today-gone-tomorrow. I'd like to think about setting up a resource for those needing some background, as well as having downloadable info for people to print, and leave in the lunchroom at work or school. We might reach those who otherwise don't venture out of the Leftist Stranglehold of Information.