Sunday, July 12, 2020

A Brilliant Idea

     As I mentioned yesterday, there’s a mass migration taking place in the U.S. Tens of thousands of Americans are leaving the coastal cities where things are going to Hell and moving to still-civilized places. Many are making great sacrifices to do so. They deem their safety, and the safety of their loved ones, to be of greater importance than the jobs, relationships, and conveniences their old neighborhoods afford them. From that perspective, it’s a laudable decision, though some would argue that electing to stay and fight for what they value would be even more praiseworthy.

     I am one such person. I’m about to spend a great deal of money and undertake no end of trouble to relocate my little family from Eastern Long Island to North Idaho. New York has become hostile to my sort. I’m disinclined to remain here long enough for that hostility to reach our district, especially as I have a wife and seven four-footed dependents.

     But the evils that motivate such relocations are also on the move. They’re oozing outward from their origin points in the large coastal cities and slowly encroaching on communities that were once untroubled by the racialist / socialist malady. Their backers, including some members of the political class, are encouraging that oozing. I’ve written about the reasons for this. Indeed, I’ve done so more than once. I hope you’ve been paying attention.

     The dynamic is a simple one:

  • Governments and private predators share a need for victims to mulct and / or subjugate.
  • Both gain from making their intended victims fear them.
  • Predators always move toward their prey. Should the prey attempt to flee, the predator will follow.
  • Citizens’ fear of private predators is an asset to governments eager for expanded and increased powers.

     But predatory behavior does not exist in a vacuum. Governmental predation must partake of “the consent of the governed,” at least initially. The chaos in America’s great cities was made possible by the political elite – and those persons were awarded their powers by the populations that voted for them.

     Now the people who voted in the politicians whose policies engendered the cities’ chaos are flocking toward the still-civilized regions. Should they bring with them the beliefs and attitudes that made the riots possible, the cancer will spread along with them.

     In recognition of this, Jesse Kelly has a bill to place before Congress:

     If only! Perhaps enforced with high walls and armed patrols. But of course it’s both politically impossible and Constitutionally unacceptable. Yet it expresses an ardent desire felt by those of us who want to be left alone. I find myself wishing it could be done, for the majority of the alternatives are worse. Some are much worse.

     Decent Americans cannot put the strife-riven cities in rings of steel. We have lives to conduct. Standing watch over a portion of the border between Nassau and Queens would put a large crimp in my activities, at least. Yet we’re getting to a point where a readiness to respond as the residents of Coeur d’Alene responded to reports of an influx of rioters from Spokane will become a responsibility of a good American. Being a member-in-readiness of an armed citizen militia will go from being a quaint, long-abandoned Eighteenth Century notion to a Twenty-First Century obligation of the able-bodied male.

     The rioters and those who have backed their activities from the outset won’t simply retire from the field. They will assuredly challenge those militias. There will be mass bloodshed.

     No, I don’t like it either. But it’s in the tea leaves, the yarrow stalks, the Tarot cards, the chicken entrails, and the Zodiac. Given the political conditions in the coastal cities where the chaos is rampant, I have no idea how to head it off.

     Just a few unpleasant thoughts for your early Sunday morning. Oh, and by the way, buy guns and ammo.


Ann K. said...

God bless you, and thank you for teaching me—a writer and editor with 30+ years of experience—a new word: mulct.

Francis W. Porretto said...

Dear Ann: May God bless you as well. I've been admonished for using archaisms such as mulct by innumerable opinionated sorts. Nevertheless, when they promote concision and / or rhythm and appear to fit the need, I don't hesitate! But whence the impulse might come, deponent sayeth not!

HoundOfDoom said...

BLOAT: Buy Lots of Ammo Today

Still unpacking from our move from CA to TX. Enjoying it so far, but there are come cultural differences - not all good. On balance, it's a healthier, more American society. Be alert and friendly and you'll notice a lot to like.

Paul Bonneau said...

I like "mulct". I noticed that "feckless" has been making a comeback lately. The store of old-fashioned words in the English language is an attractive feature, not a fault - at least for those who have it as their first language.

"But the evils that motivate such relocations are also on the move. They’re oozing outward from their origin points in the large coastal cities and slowly encroaching on communities that were once untroubled by the racialist / socialist malady."

I think you are putting makeup on a pig. The common excuse in flyover states is, "It's not socialism when we do it." The main difference between coastal and flyover states, is not the existence of corruption and wealth transfers and the like, but that the latter still have enough sense not to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs. In the coastal states, the time horizon is so short that killing her seems to make sense - thus the driving out of small businesses, etc.