Saturday, July 18, 2020

The "it's deliberate" hypothesis.

Covid-19; Phase 1 of the “Permanent Crisis”

It all boils down to this: Ruling class elites are using a public health crisis to wage a full-scale war on the American people and their system of representative government. The Democrat-CIA-Media Axis has been instrumental in prosecuting the conflict, as they were in the Russiagate fiasco. These are the shock troops who execute the battleplan of economic strangulation, covert skulduggery, and relentless disinformation. By the time the American people figure out what’s going on, the political landscape will have changed completely.[1]

The same analysis makes sense with the issues of mass immigration, fiscal lunacy, monetary recklessness, black hatred and cultural failure, and the willful and determined refusal to deal with the Antifa scourge -- Antifa the shock troops and street thugs who serve Soros and the DNC.

It is simply im…bleeping…possible to believe that what has been done in these areas is motivated by a sincere concern for the welfare of the American nation and its citizens.

As the legal maxim has it: People intend the natural consequences of their acts.

Yes, they do.

Monica Vitti starred in a 1964 Antonioni movie called "The Red Desert" wherein she played a woman with vague emotional problems after an auto accident. Her home was in a bleak Italian industrial town and her social life was similarly empty of anything satisfying. She has a brief encounter with a man played by Richard Harris. Walking with her son later, he wonders if the birds are poisoned by the smoke from a nearby smokestack. She replies that the birds have learned to avoid the smoke, implying that she too has to be careful about what is or is not good for her and avoid what is poisonous.

The bleakness of that Italian cityscape matches our own and we too are faced with an entire political, social, and economic structure that is poisonous, that will not and cannot sustain life. Our ruling class despises us ordinary people and Hillary with her "deplorables" insult is its Gibson girl.

This reality has not yet completely sunk into the consciousness of decent, productive American citizens but that is what they will eventually conclude. No person who values normality and what America is all about can any longer afford to believe that our ruling class is not vicious, destructive, deranged, and pure poison to us all.

[1] "COVID-19: Phase 1 Of The 'Permanent Crisis'?" By Mike Whitney, ZeroHedge, 7/17/20 (emphasis removed).


Andy Texan said...

Yes. Powerplay by SPECTRE. See also Codevilla's latest post on the American Mind along these same lines. COVID-19 is the most demonic political operation in living memory, surpassing the Reichstag putsch of 1933 and 1917 Russian coup de etat. We are over unless Trump does the unthinkable: seize power and become dictator.

Col. B. Bunny said...

You're right. I see no leader of any consequence standing in the wings. There are a few bright lights in the Congress and in the press but I don't see any groundswell of support. As the Chinese Communists liked to say in the 1930s, the correlation of forces is not right.

Thanks for the heads up on the Codevilla article. He's consistently insightful . . . and accurate.