Sunday, July 26, 2020

A Century-Long Effort to Destroy America

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  • Government "non-political service" - the bureaucracy - has been completely co-opted by the Left, and their allies, the Official Democratic Party. The Dems rode the Leftist Tiger, telling themselves they were just using it for the ride. Later, when their power had solidified, they would get off, and bid the Tiger farewell. Until they tried it, and discovered the truth of the saying, "Who rides a Tiger dare not dismount".
  • Education - from pre-school (a Leftist idea that separated children from their family's teaching and influence) through high school, college, and the increasingly common place to postpone actually having to support oneself - graduate/professional schools - Leftists are solidly in charge at every level. Even in church-supported and affiliated schools, the Leftist agenda is imposed. Only the very few dissident church-supported or independent schools is the Leftist curriculum not firmly established.
  • Work - The HR departments are where the takeover started - it's spread from there, but that's where the rot is burrowed in, good. The only way to fight this is to find other places to get the work done (ADT, employment agencies/search firms, employee benefits management companies). Find SEVERAL to do the assorted jobs (do NOT put yourself at the mercy of just one outfit), and - with a surgical cut, quick and unexpected, bring in the staff on a weekend, and hand out the pink slips. Have IT on hand to secure the computers and access to them, and an outsourced security firm. IT should be pretty cool with the bloodbath - the guys that work there tend to regard the Woke as a major pain in the a$$.
  • Churches and NGO's - here, you have to use stealth and duplicity. Hire a PI firm, get the goods on the Woke staff - believe me, most of them will have dirt, whether financial, moral, or associational. If there is an actionable criminal case, have your lawyers draw up the paperwork that has two choices: quit and sign the agreement (including payback if financial), and admitting guilt, and they can leave without prosecution. Fight it, and be dragged into a long, expensive court battle - with CRIMINAL record being one of those possibilities. For the rest, re-organization/elimination of their job, along with steady pressure on those remaining to quit ASAP. If the rot in place is too widespread, form a break-away group, and set up your own organization. This can be difficult with some organizations, like the Catholic Church. It may be better to do without that community than to live with what they have become.
Let your money flow to NLDs (Non-Leftist Dissidents). Do not feed the vipers.


daniel_day said...

Can anyone recommend a non-woke book supplier? Barnes & Noble have come out in favor of BLM. Powell's in Portland OR ... need you ask? The Tattered Cover in Denver?

ronehjr said...

Castalia house