Thursday, July 9, 2020

How the GOP Could Use The Language of the Left

I got up, started the coffee, and read this post.

And, suddenly, Just Like That, I was Awake (in contrast to Woke).

From now on, the GOP and their candidates, in their ads, need to argue, not to reduce the expenses of government, but to Defund them.

Think about it - the main complaint we have about government spending (other than not wanting to break the budget) is that the programs don't work.

If the programs are ineffective, and don't truly help those who 'need' them, then why should we keep spending on them?

Defund them:

  • EPA doesn't work, hasn't cleaned up the cities, still spends most of its time working on keeping business out of Elite Enclaves, the wilderness (where the White People are the ones taking advantage of the scenery), and the beaches (again, largely a White people thing). So, Defund it. Let the local government take over the function.
  • The Dept. of Education doesn't work. The kids are not learning, the paperwork takes away from the teacher's time, and it forces schools to pay more administrators, just to handle all the testing and reporting. So, Defund it.
  • The CDC is not doing its job - they release tests that didn't work, give out advice that turns out to be wrong, and is not managing the most simple jobs - managing PPE supply and distribution to hot spots. So, Defund it, return those employed to the Army Medical Corps to be re-assigned (Hey! Maybe the VA Health System could use some trained doctors who speak English!), and outsource the activities to private vendors. The CDC was started at a time when there were few doctors/medical personnel educated and trained on dealing with outbreaks of infectious diseases. There are MANY of them now, working for private companies, along with private labs with researchers. Keep a core group, working under direction of HHS, to oversee reports, and send in the outsourced troops.
  • Public Housing. Expensive, dirty, gang-infested. Obviously not better than private housing. Demolish the aging buildings. Eliminate Section 8. Instead, use publicly available resources - the market. Allow a 2-year bump in the size of the check for those currently in housing - but, no rent subsidy. They can use that bump to:
    • Rent an affordable apartment - in cities today, they are getting concerned about housing oversupply, as those in the top tiers leave. As those apartment become vacant, the next tier down will move, freeing up cheaper apartments. I would expect the free market to bring downward pressure on housing costs, making affordable housing widely available.
    • Move to another city. Continue using that money to get their lives back on track, including getting a job. Whatever. When their time is up, they're off the dole.
    • Move in with family or friends, and use most of that money to prepare to live independently, including paying old debts, saving the leftover (bank saving accounts should be permitted, without penalty, for the duration of this experiment). Take advantage of the situation to get a job, get an education (up to a 2-year college degree), and get OUT of that lifestyle.
Anyway, it will sound better in a commercial/debate this fall to say, "I want to Defund the programs that are not making our citizens lives better". Use any of the examples above, or ones like Asset Seizure before trial - widely abused in many states, including my own - South Carolina.


MarcusZ1967 said...

Thank you, Linda. I'm putting this on as many boards as I can comment on!

Linda Fox said...

Thanks - that's the main function of most bloggers, including me - spreading The Word Around.