Monday, July 13, 2020

White Hollywood in Tears

They are unlikely to be able to resuscitate their careers after the C-19 restrictions end. Ever.

They are walking on eggshells, first posting their 'affirmations' of support for BLM, then cowering in shame when they are criticized for doing so 'wrongly' or 'insensitively'.


I'm trying not to hit the floor, in actual pain from the belly-laughs this causes. I have NO sympathy for the White Hollywood Elite Woke (WHEW! for short) - they were fine with the 'outing' of NLDs, non-conforming gays, and the Insufficiently Woke, but, when the carnage hits THEIR house, it's suddenly a 'horrible travesty of justice'.


Strictly on commercial grounds, looking at the bottom line, the studios would be crazy to ignore the population that makes up a HUGE part of their audience:
  • The Urban Youths (mostly Black, but also Latinos and others) who make up MOST of the people going to non-Marvel, non-Star Wars movies. They've made gigantic hits out of the films of Black creators, including Black Panther, Get Out!, and just about every Tyler Perry movie ever made. They deserve to be listened to about their preferences - they ARE the paying customers.
  • Asians - the success of Asian imports, from the old Kung Fu movies, to Bollywood spectacles, to sensitive, nuanced films (Be There - available on Prime Video), Crazy Rich Asians, and many more. They do go to the theaters, often to see the imports, but also to see Western/Chinese joint creations, films in which THEY are the heroes who get the girl, films that portray the complexity and variety of the Asian experience.
  • Women - yeah, I know that these films are about How Women Are Put-Upon and Eventually Rise Up to Crush Their Patriarchal Enemies, but, women have been sitting in the audience for a LONG time.
All of the above audiences are also more likely to subscribe to premium cable offerings. They spend more time watching that entertainment.

In short, they've EARNED the right - with their dollars giving them the vote - to get the entertainment they want. By the people they want.

And, all the de Niros, Streeps, and other WHEW! people can just suck on it.

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Paul Bonneau said...

Don't worry, white men can still get roles as the movie bad guys.