Tuesday, July 28, 2020

A very plausible hypothesis about the current insanity.

Here's an excellent comment I ran across on ZeroHedge this morning:
Ninety-nine percent of the hate against Trump and those that work for him is synthetic and fabricated due to TARIFFS ON COMMUNIST CHINA. I said this back in 2015.

I knew exactly what the power-players were most concerned with. They thought that the Globalist program of making China the center of global production was a safe bet. They thought that they would continue to make huge profits by screwing the American worker, shipping all the industry to Communist China, and by making slave labour by the CCP a continuous font of wealth.

And then Pres. Trump not only spoke the correct policy about Totalitarian China, that China was going to be tariffed and sanctioned, that the USA would now begin the process of regaining its industrial base, but put in place a plan to build the most advanced factory systems on US soil (eg TSMC microprocessor plant, Phlow US Drug Manufacturing, etc).

And that is why the CCP virus was allowed to travel to the USA,[1] and it is why the Anarchists have been mobilized and now set about trying to divide the nation and stoke racial tension, direct riots against US cities, attack and assassinate those individuals who dare to speak the truth in the face of fascist thugs.[2]

Screwing the American worker, which off-shoring did in a major way, was a policy founded in malevolence. A towering pile of it. Open borders and multiculturalism have the same foundation.

Back to off-shoring though. If malevolence got it rolling, why would malevolence not be the driving spirit of the opposition to Trump's intention to bring back industry to our shores? Opposition to whatever Trump does?

His and our enemies have learned nothing and if novictim's analysis is correct, they fully intend to double down on their policy of destroying the middle and working classes of our country. The chaos, violence, and stupidity that you see are not accidental. They are the tools of the continuing hollowing out of America.

I hate to posit malevolence as a driving force in American life today. The driving force in point of fact. But where is the decency motivating anything? Some federal agents were physically blinded by lasers used by the vile scum who now control our streets. If decency ruled, every street demonstration in the country would be cleaned out instantly followed by a short but clear lecture to the nation about what political protest is all about. And what free speech is all about too. But that is beyond the understanding of the Twitterer in Chief whose intellectual awakening appears to be scheduled after that of Creepy Joe's.

We see this playing out not just in the streets but in the web where it is beyond clear that these same people are determined to shut down any debate on what should be done about covid-19. Hydroxychlorophyll plus carburetor cleaner appear to be a highly effective treatment for the disease but it's clear that this dirt-cheap option is anathema to the political class and they are all in for the apparently useless Remdesivir (and variants), continued economy-killing lockdown (and monetary fiddling and fiscal insanity ad astra), and Love Potion No. 9 The Vaccine. The Vaccine! The Vaccine! The Holy Grail, discovery of which after an arduous quest by Bill the Biogenius will make everything alright again.

[1] China's decision to allow unrestricted international travel from Wuhan at a time when it knew enough about covid-19 to impose draconian limits on internal movement is suspicious and I just don't think it can be chalked up to simple negligence in the midst of an unusual emergency. That's an issue that needs to be addressed by national authorities whose resources and experience are better than those of J. Privileged Whiteman. However, I'm not sure that this fanatic opposition to Trump involved a hostile domestic political class who immediately saw the implications of China's malfeasance and somehow effected a government "failure" to stop travel from China. I do think that commenter novictim's point is still valid because our enemy class has had plenty of time to capitalize on the initial failure to stop travel. The enemy is now simply capitalizing on the opportunity that has been handed to them. Anarcho-tyranny is undeniably our present reality. As it has been for decades. Chaos and tyranny serve someone's interests.
[2] Comment by novictim on "Watch Live: Attorney General William Barr Squares Off With House Democrats Over Protests, Russiagate." By Tyler Durden, ZeroHedge, 7/28/20.


Andy Texan said...

China is the center of the corruption of Washington DC (and every state capitol). Every elected official is on the Chinese payroll or related to someone who is. Our 'patriotic' leaders were bought off. I guess it's a lot cheaper than bombs and bullets. Why do you suppose that 'conservative' Gov Abbot of Texas is right in there with communist Gov Newsome of California in hyping the plandemic? Why follow the money. He is likely on some Chinese payroll via Google or Apple. On another matter, Ann Barnhardt is on a roll. She has unearthed a research paper from a medical institute that the great Fauci was head of in 2005 which unambiguously touts Chloroquin for its anti viral activity in corona viruses.

Col. B. Bunny said...

I do not doubt that China has penetrated deeply into American politics. It's traditional that foreigners have easy access to our political leaders. Witness the Soviet, Saudi, Japanese, British, and Israeli efforts to game our system, all very successful.

Delicious find by Ann. The bogus HCQ hysteria is astonishing. In a heartbeat it was right up there with strychnine and a medical study critical of its efficacy relied on the administration of very heavy doses of it that are simply not used by clinicians. Actual doctors who do no play doctors on TV were shut down when attempting to tell what their experience with the drug is. Tech giants leading the charge. Waves of propaganda wash over our country. The joys of diversity, structural racism (white), peaceful demonstrators, Russian expansionism and evil intent, Assad the Dictator (evil), America's "leadership role," etc. All unchallengeable. Holy writ.