Thursday, July 30, 2020

One small positive sign

Last week's trip to Padre Island took me through many miles of South Texas that I don't normally see. After we got out of the urban clutter of Austin-San Marcos-New Braunfels-San Antonio I started seeing something else that I don't see in Austin: Trump 2020 signs. Large ones. Frequently paired with an American flag. I wouldn't claim there were a great many of them, but they popped up with enough frequency to keep me smiling. 

I keep reading articles warning that the influx of Californians and illegal aliens will turn Texas blue, and maybe they're right. But based on strictly anecdotal evidence, this large chunk of Texas is still overwhelmingly patriotic and voting Republican.


Tar said...

Living deep in the Blue here in the MD suburbs of the "DMV" (DC-MD-VA) makes me a pretty lonely Libertarian Patriot - cars around here displaying Trump stickers, US flags or other pro-America stuff tend to get vandalized by members of the Woke Mob.

Since I have no interest in shelling out insurance money so they can get their rocks off destroying my stuff, I keep a low profile, but I've noticed others like myself who feel the need to keep quiet but aren't buying the load of bullshit these sanctimonious simps are selling.

The backlash IS building... it's really hard for some of us deep "behind enemy lines" to see it, because so many of us are suppressed, but a lot of folks are walking away, some more noisily than others. I sincerely hope that it will be a critical mass come November, but let's be real: the snowflakes didn't take rejection very well 4 years ago, they're going to absolutely SHIT THE BED if it happens again, especially if it's a landslide against them.

They do not realize that some games you do not get to play unless you are "all in": "Revolution" is one of those. When they finally cross the Rubicon they've been wading the shores of, they will find that they can't cross back... and my guess is that a few weeks later, they'll be nostalgic about the days where the worst they'd get is tear gas and ass-beatings...

Unknown said...

I'm worried. I live in the country in deep east Texas. Most of the people in this area would be considered reliable conservatives BUT when the coronavirus came they reacted just like liberals in the cities. Masks everywhere, panic in their eyes and fear of walking close to anyone! If the flu can do this to you I don't have much hope that we can stand up to a real onslaught from the left.

RevBroGenerik said...

On a recent cross country trip I was mightily heartened by the TRUMP signs and banners. There were hundreds all over. And a fair number were really old, like they had been put out years ago and there remained in all weather, not just fair. We know. Oh, and there was a single Biden sign.