Sunday, July 5, 2020

Uncle Sugar and his other international incarnations.

Americans believe government solutions not the free market system is what causes economic growth. This misguided approach is the cause of the severe depression the global economy is entering into. Widespread prosperity or even well being is not possible when the system that completely causes prosperity is eliminated. That is what has happened. The state of being in a depression will be impossible for the economy to recover from given that the only path to recovery is being rejected.
This is another way of calling attention to the insanity of endlessly tearing into "capitalism." But it's beyond clear that the "capitalism" so reviled by any moron with access to a keyboard is a far cry from the real deal.

True capitalism does not have monopolies, stock market manipulation, monetary lunacy, fiscal diarrhea, off-shoring, cronyism, or mass immigration as any of its goals or treasured features. It's simply a type of economic organization that rewards enterprise, innovation, efficiency, and realistic thinking and which relies at its core on the innate human desire to build and improve one's own life. And on a considerable amount of government non-interference.

It is not intended that monopolies, plutocracy, worker exploitation, excessive taxation, welfare state profligacy and stupidity, organized crime, identity politics, poisonous feminism, reckless foreign wars, fraud, sky-high debt, or non-prosecution of fraud and crime are necessary parts. These are, in fact, wait for it . . . cancerous growths ON capitalism, just as they are growths on any other system that purports to seek justice, liberty, normality, and rationality. Even autocratic governments can seek the same thing and succeed if they take salus populi suprema lex esto as their watchword. "Autocratic" does not necessarily mean "repressive" though, admittedly, residents and citizens of Singapore must forego their God-given right to spit on the sidewalk or key cars. Is life possible without it? Or genital reassignment surgery?

Not all autocratic governments escape descending into repression, however. Some, like the U.S.S.R., did not pass "Go" and went straight to ghastly criminality and irrationality. A moral vacuum in the leadership of any nation, even our own, is a guarantee of industrial-scale criminality. And industrial-scale criminality is what we ARE witnessing right now, of course. If what we see is not the deliberate, criminal destruction of a decent civilization that will bring misery and death to millions then I beg to know just how it is the expression of anything decent or rational.

But, these are political problems about which no little discussion has been had over the millennia and they are distinct from the issue of what is the best ENGINE to build and power up to efficiently find and exploit resources to meet the needs and whims of fellow citizens and make a decent living for producers in the process. The engine in my car has no destination in mind and no concern for who rides in the seats. All it requires is fuel, fluids, a battery, wiring, a computer, and regular maintenance.

It also requires some outside entity to punish mechanics who tell me there's plenty of oil in it when there isn't. That's the aspect of true capitalism that requires outside (government) oversight to punish fraud and breach of contract and to unwind monopoly, among many other kinds of healthy, necessary maintenance. Economic systems require maintenance just as engines do but Western governments insist on active destruction.

The leftist/moron/parasite class beats their breasts and weeps copious tears because that efficient capitalist engine can't pull a flatbed trailer loaded with an Abrams tank or deliver a life of luxury and ease when governments waive their magic wands. Capitalism has failed them.

"The Central Planning Depression." By James Quillian, Fantasy Free Economics, 7/2/20 (emphasis added).


Andy5759 said...

I have had many debates with leftists about the difference between capitalism and globalism. Capitalism is what enables the self employed labourer to balance work around family, it's what allows the young wife to freelance from home as a book illustrator, the young mothers to make cupcakes in the morning and deliver them fresh for teatime. Globalism won't allow that, have you got your labourer's license, have you had your premises inspected, is your kitchen accredited for food production? These are just some of the sort of obstacles making life difficult for us all. If, big ask, if the leftist actually listens and understands they might come to see that they are serving big corporations against the little man/woman, I'll ask all the other genders what they think later.

Slightly off topic, what do you think is in store for us in the near future? Cashless? Compulsory medication? Travel restrictions without essential papers/compliance? And they call themselves progressives!

Col. B. Bunny said...

The flexibility, adaptability, and creativity of individuals is indeed a central feature of having a functioning, responsive, controlled engine of production. I spent two (2) years developing some tax software before there ever was even an IBM PC. $15,000 later it went poof when Congress changed the tax code. Oh well. But it was a righteous effort even though, true story, the IRS tried to nail me by saying my expenses were just hobby expenses. Sure they were. Final score was IRS, 0, Col. Bunny, 1, happy to say, but I wasn't really after a legal victory.

Globalism has its competition-limiting features, not least because you have to be a big kahuna just to get to the table in international trade. Big outside the country, therefore big INSIDE the country. And big doesn't like piss ant competitors. In general, those who grow too big start to use their market success to shape domestic laws and regs to their liking. It's anti-competitive big business AND the arrogance of progressives and leftists. Man and society can be improved with enlightened, caring tinkering from the beautiful people. The central cancer of the last three hundred+ years.

The things you mention as possibilities are of a piece with all the other utterly insane movements and initiatives. Out with salus populi, in with more repression and what, amazingly enough, Claire Booth Luce in the 1950s referred to as "globaloney." I believe the elites are into race replacement, multiculturalism to the skies, population reduction, and the elimination of any semblance of representative government and individual liberty. We are at peak elite malevolence and popular/academic stupidity and irrationality that we will NOT reason or vote ourselves out of. I believe there will be a general recognition that the Emperor(s) of the West is(are) (a) satanic moron(s) and there will be a loss of all Western governments' mandates of Heaven. No civilization can persist given the massive burden of lies, malevolence, theft, and stupidity with which we must daily contend. It was nice while it lasted.

On top of which, there is the enormous fragility of the Western economies, if not the rest of the world's. The load or threat of debt, debt service, unfunded liabilities, fiscal diarrhea, and hostility to free markets is too great. The Fed is in full panic mode, Congress wants more massive spending, and reckless, ruinous foreign wars continue. There is nothing rational or stable in any of this so collapse will occur before "cashless," etc. (No sarcasm.) With our massive world just-in-time delivery system there will be millions exposed to sudden privation, or worse, after three days of no truck deliveries and another four days to use up pitifully small stores of peanut butter, crackers, and RC Cola. After that it's each against all in the high-density population urban areas and a desperate surge out into the country like locusts. Jean Raspail described only a portion of the festering disease of the West. I'm talking about the final chapter here. The one written by Steven King.

Perhaps some Cincinnatus could answer the call to keep it all together with a wise, autocratic, "don't f^*k with me" approach. Trump certainly isn't that man, though he's our "Great White Hope" now, so to speak. Basically, Western man no longer has any sense of what barbarism or chaos are so any would-be Cincinnatus would have his hands full trying to herd the useless majorities of the feeble, rotten West into something resembling a fighting force. In fact, given hourly events in the U.S. alone, it's clear that the majority of Americans have embraced barbarism and our resident barbarians.

Strong message to follow.