Thursday, July 30, 2020

The NGOs - Non-Governmental Organizations - and the Case for Dumping Their IRS Designation

Most of them pose as 'charities' or 'non-partisan' organizations.

Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, these are HIGHLY partisan organizations, that work in concert with political allies to further specifically political positions, legislation, and imposition of their POV on schools.

The Left has long used the IRS cover to pay fewer taxes, and operate without the scrutiny that is given by the FEC to political organizations that forward political parties/candidates. Many wealthy people funnel huge amounts of cash to 'middleman' charities, that, in turn, pass through the money to radical organizations, often explicitly political. They couldn't have directly funded those receiving NGOs, but, by using the pass-through organization, they evaded the spirit of the law.

Another mechanism that the Left uses to direct money to political entities with Radical aims is ActBlue. Many Leftist organizations do not waste their time, or energy, setting up the means to process donations directly, but rely on ActBlue to collect the money, take a small cut - 3.9% of the total donation, and send the remaining cash on to the NGO.

One such organization is BLM. When you click on a button to donate, you are redirected to the ActBlue site. A little known provision of the agreement that you must agree to is this:

Re-designation of Contributions

In the event that a campaign or committee (a) fails for 60 days to cash a check from ActBlue which includes your contribution (after ActBlue makes repeated attempts to work with the campaign to ensure all checks are cashed), or (b) affirmatively refuses a contribution earmarked through ActBlue, your contribution will be re-designated as a contribution to ActBlue. Contributions to social welfare organizations which are similarly not cashed or affirmatively refused will be kept by ActBlue and used generally to support its social welfare activities. Contributions to charitable organizations which are not cashed or affirmatively refused will go to ActBlue Charities.

What does that mean in real terms?

Well, since all of the NGOs are run by Leftists coordinating their activities, it can reasonably be concluded that, should the political parties of the Left run out of dough, they can LEGALLY shuffle your money (meant for a specific charity/organization) to whatever one that is currently running on fumes. 

You want BLM to be the beneficiary of your hard-earned cash? Tough. The Dem effort to GOTV is running out of money, just a few days before the election. The donor will NOT be notified of the substitution of recipient. 

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