Friday, July 31, 2020

It's Not Censorship, Exactly, But...

It is intended to limit Free Speech, and keep NLD opinions out of public reach.

Rather than work through legal action to try to put together a case for the Supreme Court, it might be better to use administrative/executive action to put through a RICO case - the various services, which are clearly all-but-complete monopolies, are acting in concert to promote speech benefiting only one POV, and suppressing NLD activities.

The trail of involvement by the FAANGs is overt, obvious, and - likely - actionable. After the election, Trump's DOJ needs to fire a warning shot over the bow. There are a LOT of people who would turn on them - a woman would do it in a heartbeat (NEVER trust a woman with confidential information that could destroy you - she will thrust the dagger in herself, with a cool smile on her face as she watches the lifeblood drain from your twitching body).

Let's pray for a peaceful passing for RBG (She is suffering liver cancer - it is a painful death, and usually, thankfully, quick. The way the Left has propped her up, like Weekend at Bernies, is a disgrace.)

All of this is dependent on Trump's re-election. I think it's getting more likely every day. That's why the panicked assistance to the activists, the continuation of the shutdowns, the refusal to cooperate in Congress, even though it causes the voters to enter complete indebtedness for life (both those receiving aid, and those paying for it, are the losers).

This is the Final Showdown. The Leftists cannot survive this battle, and they are determined to throw everything they can into the fight. (At least, that's what the Left are telling their supporters. The leadership will be fine - they always are. Their money is safely tucked away, their escape route already secured. But the followers? They're toast.)

The Left was always about promotion of their change in power. It was never about improving the lives of the people.

Please open the link immediately above. It describes, better than I can, the background of the Left, and the influences upon their descendants' thinking. From Rousseau to Gramsci to the Institute for Social Research/Frankfort School to Marcuse/Repressive Tolerance to Alinsky & his Rules for Radicals to today's BLM/AntiFa/Even Newer Left.

To using kids in the streets (again) to further their grab for power. It wasn't enough to destroy many of the youth of my generation, through 'revolutionary activity' (AMAZING how the leadership never has to serve a day in jail, isn't it?), drugs, mis-education that results in inability to get/hold a job, suspicion of normal family life (leading to the truly sad and lonely lives they are currently enduring), and soured outlook on life. They had to use their fading powers to ensnare another cohort of young bodies into giving up all hope of a normal life for their 'revolutionary process'.

Today's Woke shock troops have been fed this bilge since before pre-school, and they are operating on the ingrained belief that THEY are the ones that will make America better - MUCH better than the Fascist-controlled Hellhole they have been told she is.

Some will escape. Some will - eventually - be able to re-construct a life that approaches normal again.

Most will not. From our understanding of the past, we can see that it is vital to keep them from jobs in government and education, lest they burrow in and infect yet another generation with this vile disease.

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The leadership serves no jail time.

Just like the leadership in jihad don't go out and suicide bomb themselves.