Monday, July 27, 2020

Things Your Momma Should'a Taught You

Actions have consequences.

Question - Which party do the OWNERS of those mansions contribute to? Answer (perhaps suprisingly) - The Democrats.

Bonus Question: Which one will they not have the money to contribute to in the future?

Actions have consequences. Do try not to laugh at the sudden change of heart when the lawlessness hits home - that's how Death Wish's protagonist made his transformation from knee-jerk Liberal to gun-toting Avenger.

And, sadly, Actions WILL have Consequences - it seems, very soon - yes, even for those Liberals who have been supporting these "mostly peaceful" protests. The pity is that they will not be the only ones who suffer.

I once read that most people, however stupid, can reason from A to B - that is, if the consequence immediately follows the action, they will 'get it'. And, in the process, learn not to poke the sleeping cat.

The trouble is, there are a lot of people - not especially slow mentally, just lethargic in their thinking process, whether due to drug use, too much passive entertainment, or just a "being young and stupid" thing - who cannot make that connection between A and C. Or, harder, A to B to C to D.

Consequences that are not immediate and delivered by the same object they just poked will not provide the useful lesson. For them, it's just Bad Luck, or That Person Had it 'in' for Me, or, the favorite right now, You're All Just Racist!

They never examine just what might have led to their current situation, and ask the very useful question: What could I have done to contribute to this situation, and how could I avoid another like it in the future?

That's why so many people, as soon as they are released from prison, go right back to doing whatever landed them in that place.

Some do escape that fate. A few of them have what is hoped for, a personal awakening, followed by learning how to change that dreaded future, AND doing the work to make it happen. Some of them are successes at that change.

Others WANT to change, but - it takes a lot of effort, and it's easier just to do the same as they did before.

And some never get beyond blaming everyone for their predicament, except for the one person who is responsible - themselves.

I believe it was Heinlein who wrote that the mark of an adult is that he takes responsibility for his actions. Those who do not can never be considered grown. They are children, in all but size (no reflection on the many children who have developed consciences, taken responsibility for their actions, and learned discipline and self-control).

Both parents and educators have some responsibility for this (again, not all, but those who do bear the blame have screwed up a whole lot of people). I'm sure that "raising a feckless and irresponsible person" wasn't their agenda, but - that was the result. So, yes, it's their responsibility.

Unfortunately, often the consequences merely affect the person responsible. Often, there are others, who just happened to be near, who suffer the effects of their carelessness.

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