Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Time for an Executive-Judicial Showdown

It may have to wait until after the election, but - yeah, it's time.

The Atlantic pipeline people, Dominion Energy, have dropped further work on the pipeline, as Obama-appointed Federal judges have - once again - ruled with the Sierra Club and their allies in court.

Two thing have to happen here - Trump's DOJ needs to go to the Supremes, asking for a sweeping order forbidding these decisions, based on it being a clear Restraint of Trade Between the States - a clear act against a Red Letter Prohibition in the Constitution.

Not a 'penumbra' - an actual clearly stated refusal to permit actions by the Federal government that interfere with intrastate trade and commerce.

It's time. Trump may want to see if Ginsberg croaks first, but, failing that, he also needs to have a quiet investigation of ANY Justices that appear to be forced, by blackmail, into certain positions.

It's POSSIBLE that other factors are involved in otherwise inexplicable events/rulings, but - ensuring a pressure-free judiciary is paramount.

Second part - the EPA needs to be informed that they are subordinate to the Constitution, and may NOT engage in restraint of trade that is not clearly necessary to handle an EMERGENCY situation.

Which the pipelines are not.

So, yeah, anyone not on board with that Executive directive needs to turn in their resignation. Trump may not be able to change their minds, but he doesn't have to let them keep their jobs and undermine his orders. If a staff member is working with some of these enviro-Nazis, wasting time working on plans to sue the government, or otherwise acting in an insubordinate manner, they need to be directed to find other employment - NOT in government.

We should not be funding workers for the other side.

If the USA gets out of the business of transporting oil, other countries will jump in with producing energy - and, not the Unicorn-like "clean energy" kind. Other countries, known for being: massive polluters - Russia, China, and/or horribly corrupt and tyrannical - Russia, China, and the Mideast, or headlessly causing massive environmental damage to the air, water, and land, should not be a fallback for our citizens. Off-shoring the damage doesn't stop it.

The states that will be affected by this - the producers of energy, as well as those that need to import it - need to vote against Biden, who has vowed to stop ALL pipelines. That's a recipe for a long, cold winter to come, and a lot of economic chaos and collapse.

Kurt, you need to write another Kelly Turnbull book.

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