Sunday, July 26, 2020

One More Insane Decision from the Supreme Court

Casinos can operate at 50% capacity.

Churches can have no more than 50 people inside. Or, if you live in CA, maybe OUTSIDE, as well. Even in their cars, individually attending with just their family inside.

It's official - these are the Crazy Years that Heinlein warned us about. I don't know whether he meant that the events going on around us were crazy, or that Normals would be driven crazy. But, both are happening right now.

I'm tired. I got a phone call yesterday that my kid brother had been admitted to the hospital again (he has both liver and pancreas troubles). Today, I was trying to decide whether to fly up, and my sister reminded me that the rules for hospitals meant that I wouldn't be able to visit him (she was the one who took that responsibility). No more than ONE person for all the time they are in the hospital.

Quarantine rules for OH mean that I wouldn't be able to visit anyone for 14 days after I arrived in town, anyway. Can't see staying in a hotel that long. We may have to look into either moving there permanently, or renting an inexpensive apartment to use when we travel.

On the positive side, our grandson has been cleared to begin seeing people outside of his family. The bad news? The first family he visited came down with illness the day after (probably just an intestinal virus). I haven't seen my family, other than one of my daughters, in almost seven months.


N S said...

When you get there you have to quarantine yourself for 14 days, and as you say, then cause you are not "the one person on the list" you'll just have to return home. Depending upon where that is you'll then have to quarantine yourself at home for 14 days, before you can, uh, go home.
And yet we continually swallow this insanity with nary a question. Have Americans become so inherently stupid over the years we cannot see that we are already slaves to the overlords, succumbing to their ever wish.....

Bill589 said...

Controlavirus - That is All this is about.


Must. Destroy. Religions.

The Lord their Marx is a jealous deity.