Sunday, July 26, 2020

"And They All Lived in Little Ticky-Tackies, And They All Looked Just the Same"

Now, the Left is not FORCING us to live in identical houses - unless, of course, you don't want to live in properly 'dense' housing in the city.

And, they aren't FORCING us to spout the words of the Holy Church of BLM, letter-perfect, lest we be damned - which, we won't. We'll just risk losing our jobs, our families, and our friendships. Oh, and if we don't "get it" then, well, they'll just pressure companies to REFUSE SERVICES to those using unapproved words.

Nothing to do with Free Speech. People will still have free speech. Unless they want to use it online, or in books or videos, or resisting the pressure to conform at work, at home, and in their so-called free time.

It's funny, people who once decried the sameness of suburbia and their parents' lives, now aspire to REQUIRE conformity in every aspect of every American's life.

Or else.

It's also a scream - well, maybe not FUNNY, but definitely a scream - 

the way that the Left approves of this dissent - 

yet, is so intolerant of this kind.

I feel so blessed to be retired, and no longer dependent on the Official Stamp of Approval from the Left. I no longer fear the consequences of dissent; no one can fire me, or threaten my livelihood.

We who have that EARNED privilege need to lead the way. We need to stand up for all those who dare to Not Conform to the Left's demands.

And, vote. Definitely vote.

But, also prepare for CW 2.0 - it may follow, just as open warfare followed Lincoln's election.

Just never bow down to pressure.

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WalkingHorse said...

I subscribe to the proposition that CW2 has already started.