Friday, July 10, 2020

You Can’t Make This Stuff Up Dept.

     Anyone who’s been paying attention is aware that since Bill de Blasio was elected New York City’s mayor, the Big Apple has been on an accelerating dive toward shithole status. Indeed, de Blasio has worked hard to destroy New York. He’s left no stone unturned in his efforts to undo the critical reforms of the previous twenty years, especially the law-enforcement practices Giuliani put in place that were continued by Michael Bloomberg. In consequence, New York is headed back toward the chaos of the Nineties, when decent persons were unsafe at all hours and the worst elements in the city controlled the streets.

     Of course, de Blasio is aware of all this. So apart from his ridiculous run for the Democrat presidential nomination, how has he been spending his days?

     Murders and crime are at an all time high in New York, but this ignorant and arrogant stupido sucks up salary from the citizens of New York to indulge in petty photo-ops with fake "Reverend" Sharpton, and his bi-sexual wife (aka I'll have sex with anyone or anything.)

     Fairly strange behavior from a man who’s simultaneously seeking billions in “bailout money” from the Trump Administration, eh what? But de Blasio is a committed hard-Leftist, and this is the behavior of the Left in our time.

     If you aren’t already biting your tongue in the hope that this is just a bad dream, have a little more:

     Later Thursday afternoon, the Commie mayor told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer that he is banning all large gatherings such as parades, fairs and concerts except for Black Lives Matter riots through September.

     Summer is cancelled in New York City.

     Yes, really:

     A Communist totalitarian commands the administration over what was once the greatest city in the world: the Mecca to which ambitious men and visionary executives all aspired. Is it any wonder that people and businesses that can flee the city are doing so as swiftly as they can?

     Any bets on whether de Blasio will win a third term as mayor?


SWVAguy said...

White folks are too tolerant, lack motivation and are too cowered to "do anything" to fight this insanity. White privilige? White supremacy? Golly, thank Almighty God for it. Who delivers your water, your electricity, collects your wastewater and maintains said systems? Gangbangers? I wish every white guy in the country would stay home for a week just to show these a**holes how comfortable their lives would be without white guys doing their jobs. Look for BlackLifesavers soon. Seriously considering Costa Rica or Panama to live out my days. It depends on how liberal their gun laws are.

Paul in Boston said...

My oldest son is an ultra lib living in Brooklyn. He froths at the mouth and starts screaming if you just say DeBlasio. If he’s representative, De Blasio is not getting a third term, except at Rikers Island.

SWVAguy said...

No surpise. It's a matter of time before all churches, regardless of denomination are treated to this.