Monday, July 27, 2020

C-Plague - the Future of America's Existence

I'm a retired teacher. While I was actively teaching, I caught MORE than my share of every virus, respiratory infection, and contagious disease known to man. Over time, I developed the immune system of an Immortal.

Oh, sure, I'd pick up an every-other year or so cold. Treated with decongestants, I bounced back quickly.

Until I didn't. 

The last few years I taught, I was felled with respiratory infections lasting 1-2 months of brain fog, fatigue, and difficulty keeping my eyes open for longer than a 1/2 hour or so. The only thing that helped was about a week of rest, followed by carefully slow return to normal. During convalescence, I would go home and take a long nap. I had little energy for many weeks.

After a particularly bad winter's infection, I decided to retire. I made my plans to check out at the end of the following year. I told the principal, got my retirement parties, collected my goodies (including a VERY nice wooden rocking chair, with a laser-cut metal plaque made in our CNC machine shop).

My husband kept prodding me to take another job, or even sub. Nope. I enjoyed that fist year completely retired. I rested, puttered around the house, and began writing seriously (several short stories, a journal, and 1 finished book - still being edited, and 1 in progress - which was waiting until my laptop got replaced to be finished).

Eventually, I started working at various things part-time (subbing in schools, selling health insurance). The subbing is on hold for now - the schools are not in session, and I am a little concerned about testing my immune system.

But, I'm preparing for another year of insurance sales - most of which take place in the last part of the year, and in the first 3 months of the next. The providers and agencies have been concerned about keeping their teams healthy, and have provided online & phone options for enrollment. So, I may do even more this year, as I will not be having to travel to see clients, but will mostly be using the distance enrollment options.

But, I'm not the norm. My life isn't greatly impeded by not being in physical contact with people who are not household members - except for the relatives I cannot visit at this time. My brother remains in the hospital, and - even if I traveled to Cleveland, whether by car or plane - I would be prevented from seeing him, or even interacting with other family members for 14 days.

But, for most people, their jobs cannot be done at a distance. Some have been classified as essential, and encouraged to work, despite the risk to themselves. Others are prevented from working, no matter how careful they are to clean/disinfect/distance/mask.

I'm not alone in believing this to be planned, and intentional. The objective was to trash the formerly recovering economy that Trump enabled.

Well done, Leftists. The deficit is skyrocketing, the personal finances of many (despite the badly-needed checks from the Feds) is cratering, and the real estate market is in free-fall in many cities. I'm lucky in owning a home in a smaller city, really a suburb of Charlotte. Our local sales are thriving, as people from Charlotte are taking what they can get for their homes, and relocating further away from the Leftist chaos.

I am hopeful, but not confident, of this year's election outcome. If the Left gets installed - even for four years, any chance of America having a non-Leftist future may be over. The Left will change the rules/manage the districting/and enable the vote-stealing, so that true democracy will never be possible again.

We have no other country on this Earth to escape to. I've no doubt that, should Patriots retreat to the hills to resist, the Left will, if they have no other way to keep in power, nuke those areas that are holding out (that 'nuking' may be viral in nature).

I'm a survivor. I've surrounded myself with people who are flexible, canny, and not prone to laying down and giving up. I've no doubt that my husband will be fighting to his last breath to protect his family and loved ones.

But, for my country, and those who love her, I am concerned.

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