Saturday, July 11, 2020

Are You "Living Your Principles"?

Or just being a spiteful, vengeful D**K?

It's primarily women who do this - or, girlish kinda-men.

It's pretty much the same script - over and over and over again.
  1. Someone "outs" himself as a NLD (Non-Leftist Dissident).
  2. The Outraged Right-Thinker immediately jumps in to:
    1. Identify the person publicly (dox them)
    2. Use social media to call for a boycott of the NLD
    3. Aggressively add to the pile-on with ever more violent and vindictive comments
  3. When it's all over (generally when the person is broke, homeless, and near-suicidal), justify your actions as Living Your Principles.
  4. Preen about your Glorious Sanctity.
  5. Repeat ad infinitum
We who have normal moral thinking need to target those business owners for special promotion among all we can influence. Patronize that place, suggest them for any business or community organization functions, and buy gift cards for any and all occasions.

And, cut those Special People from your lives entirely. If forced to stay in contact, use quiet refusal to engage in any non-essential talk or interaction. If asked why you are doing it, have hardcopies of their malevolent behavior available, and make sure the family knows you are NOT going to 'make nice' about this.

They need to apologize publicly, post that apology on social media, and go to the owner, groveling and making amends.

Otherwise, they can go F--- themself.


daniel_day said...

The NYP opinion writer strikes me as rather naive.
'Here is how The New York Times described the local reaction: “The backlash was swift, as you might expect... Note the term “as you might expect.” What sane person would expect this?'
A lot of sane people who have been paying attention to the Left would expect this. Alinsky Rule #13 - 'Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it... Cut off the support network... Go after people and not institutions'. Another quote:
'Vilifying Trump voters and targeting them for economic destruction serves absolutely no valuable social purpose.'
It's valuable to the Left in several ways. It's an easy tactic which they enjoy (Alinsky #2, #6). It's a tactic that gives them great satisfaction when it works, which apparently, it did in this case. It intimidates the more reticent among the enemy (that would be you and me, not to call you reticent) into silence.
Thank you for bringing this story forward. I'm spreading it around.

Linda Fox said...

I'm convinced that we who read blogs need to treat our findings like Samizdat - share as widely as possible. We need to build that audience for our kind of writing.

Thank you in return.