Saturday, July 11, 2020

Self-Study During Lockdown

The extra time available during this time of limited outside activities could be productive. I suggest that you educate yourself - no, not in that pretentious and condescending "Woke" way.

This could be a great opportunity to acquire information about how mobs form, and are used, by the Left. A good place to start is with a documentary on the Chinese Cultural Revolution, in which students were used to identify dissidents, publicly shame, torture, and humiliate them, and - ultimately - turn them over to the 'authorities' for jail, confiscation of their assets, and even death.

Over the next few weeks, as I have time, I'll add other suggestions to the list. I'll add the tag 'Conservative Self-Education' to each post, to make it easier to find them in a search of this site. Consider sending the links to young people of your acquaintance - they really do need to learn The History That Schools Will Not Teach.


Micro said...

Hi Linda,

Here's a good one for your list. Understanding mob mentality can be very beneficial to knowing what to do:

Linda Fox said...

Thanks - will be taking a look at it next week (REALLY busy this week).

Paul Bonneau said...

1:05:34 ' "Land!" they say, to landless peasants.'

This tiny blurb of a few seconds in the video, has a personal connection. My wife's family, who were land owners, were just a few of the victims here. They were driven out of China to Hong Kong, to start from scratch, 10 people in a 400 sq ft apartment. The silver lining on this dark cloud, was that they missed the Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution.