Friday, July 24, 2020

Clarity For Nothing

     (But, sadly, no “chicks for free.”)

     Seriously, there are moments in the midst of what seems completely senseless turmoil that everything becomes perfectly, undeniably clear. Some of us attain clarity faster than others, owing to having paid more attention to developments and having resisted the urge to “ignore it and maybe it will go away.” But even the least attentive, most reluctant Americans, when they confront an array of stories such as this:

     ...will be jarred willy-nilly into clarity.

     If you haven’t yet read those stories, please do. Follow the embedded links. Reflect on the momentum being given to the vector of American dissolution – a Second Civil War – that such events and exhortations provide. Yes, just now the violence is confined to a few cities along the nation’s “blue margins.” But will it remain there? Reflect on what you would do – you personally — were the chaos to swell large enough to threaten your community.

     Did I mention that I had plans to relocate my family to North Idaho? No longer, but I’ll get to that a bit later.

     We are witnessing history in the making. Never before in our nation’s 200-plus years has a political movement deliberately fomented lethal tensions between the white and black races. Yet that is what is happening as we speak.

     The “Black Lives Matter” movement isn’t even slightly about “black lives.” It’s about creating an Us versus Them mentality: the sort of “class struggle” tableau revolutionaries need to advance toward their objectives. Without fracturing society into mutually hostile groups, they cannot rise to power. A society at relative peace will always reject their demands.

     The violence is the giveaway. Violence polarizes a society. It inculcates a survival attitude in those at whom the violence is aimed. Thus, we see hordes of decent persons fleeing the riot-torn cities as fast as they can. They’re fleeing the violence, certainly, but there’s more: they’re internalizing the Us versus Them attitude. Their refuges, which are nearly uniformly white, will fiercely resist any influx of blacks. The folks already there already fear what could happen if blacks move in, and the folks moving there are learning to fear it through immediate experience.

     Ironically, the overwhelming majority of American blacks are peaceable, responsible people. Self-supporting. Sincere Christians. But the non-conforming fraction – this may be as low as 1% or as high as 20% – are spoiling for a fight, and doing their damnedest to make it happen. Why? Because they think white Americans can be had. They’ve been convinced by the demagogues that they can beat us into giving them what they want: above-the-law status, generous, labor-free incomes, and complete dominance of the government sector.

     The Democrat Party hopes to profit from the disorder, but only a handful of their figures are among the fomenters. This is much more about the aspirations of totalitarian revolutionists who’ve decided that this is their best chance to strike...that there may never be a better one. And given the confusion and disharmony that has flowed from the Russian Collusion hoax-coup and the Chinese Coronavirus shutdowns, they could well be right.

     What will come of all this depends on who will mobilize to do the jobs local and state governments have (so far) refused to do. That is: to pacify the chaos-stricken regions by force.

     We have police forces and a military to maintain peace in the streets and to put down insurrections. Yet with very few exceptions, our local and state “authorities” have refused to given them the appropriate orders. Indeed, President Trump has been vilified, even condemned, for sending federal forces to Portland, where the violence and vandalism are currently the worst. Figures on the Left have called him a dictator for using federal agents to restore order and protect federal property. Some have called the deployments a “rehearsal” for what Trump would do should he lose his bid for re-election.

     It’s unacceptable, from bottom to top. That Democrat office holders who have no excuse for not knowing better should dare to denounce the president for doing his Constitutionally assigned job is beyond the pale. Yet there are several such, including Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, and Congress can do nothing about them.

     They would like to paralyze President Trump, so the riots can go on indefinitely. They believe that would increase the Left’s chances in the November balloting. Whether it’s within their power to do so, I cannot say. However, I can say what would be required of us were federal forces somehow restrained from acting in the face of such an obvious insurrection.

     Decent private-citizen Americans would have to rise up – and I don’t mean by voting.

     That’s why I’ve decided to remain on Long Island. I anticipate a time in which we who love America as founded – the bastion of liberty this website celebrates – must take up arms to defend it. As old as I am, I refuse to run from the confrontation. I will be there, and I will participate to the best of my ability and armament. I expect that many Americans as old or older will be there with me.

     No, I don’t anticipate it with pleasure. I fear it. It would cost many lives, possibly including mine. The toll on the nation would eclipse that of the first Civil War. But we who love this country must be ready to defend it.

     A dear, departed friend of great wisdom and insight once said to me: “If you think the time has come to fight, grab your gun and your gear and go stand on your porch. Then look toward your neighbors’ porches. If they have done the same, then go forth with them to join the battle. If they haven’t, go back inside and wait, for the time has not yet come.”

     Perhaps the time has not yet come. Perhaps the Trump Administration will act with dispatch and vigor, now that it’s clear that the Democrat mayors and governors of the afflicted cities and states are willing that the chaos should continue. But we cannot wait for much longer...and I think we will not.

     “When the system fails, righteous men rise up.” – Bosch, Season 6, Episode 10


George True said...

Magnificently well stated, sir. I do however have one nit to pick. You stated that only a handful of Democrat politicians are among the fomenters. My conclusion is that virtually ALL Democrat politicians, federal state and local are, one way or another, directly or indirectly, firmly among the ranks of the fomenters.

It has often been said that only a tiny percentage of Muslims are terrorists, and the vast majority of Muslims are "peaceful Muslims". And yet, there are NO instances of 'peaceful' Muslims denouncing violence, or turning in the perpetrators of violence who live among them.

By contrast, if a Christian shot up a synagogue or a mosque in the name of Jesus, all Christians everywhere would vociferously and very publicly denounce and condemn the perpetrator. Furthermore, if they had any knowledge of his whereabouts, angry bands of Christians would themselves with furious and righteous anger apprehend the perp, truss him up, and drag him right to the door of the police station.

By the same token, I have heard NO denunciations of the ongoing violence by any Democrats anywhere. I have heard NO Democrat condemn the Democrat mayors and other Democrat officials who are ordering their police to stand down, and thus sending a clear message to the rioters that their looting, burning, and murdering in the name of a Marxist organization is just fine with them.

All of the Democrats are complicit. While it is true that most of them are too squeamish to actually assault and injure innocent people themselves personally, they are more than willing to stand on the sidelines and hold the hats and coats of those who are not squeamish about assaulting, injuring, and murdering innocent people.

Every Democrat who has not vehemently condemned the violence and mayhem is FULLY onboard with the program of violence and destruction to further their political goals, the main one being the removal of Donald Trump from the presidency.

They are ALL complicit. Every last one of them.

SWVAguy said...

700 miles away, but I'll be with you Francis. I have nieces and nephews on LI, so if/when the fight comes to them, the 1000 rounds of .223 would be quickly depleted.

Andy Texan said...

My area is less inflamed than many (Texas coast) but our black mayor and AOC clone county executive are spoiling for a fight. So the time draws nigh. While I might not be manning the gun, I will be feeding the belt. (Reminds me of the scene in Dr Strangelove between Group Captain Mangrove and General Ripper).