Friday, July 31, 2020

Truer words.

The oppression of normality in the globo-homo U.S. is as plain as day. The bizarre and perverted are extolled. Minority parasitism, crime, and dysfunction must not be discussed, let alone mentioned. The foreigner is worshipped. Spending, debt, cronyism, and contempt for the white majority are through the roof. Parasitism and chaos are embraced. Speaking the truth will lead to violent attack.

Every day and in every way the stupid or foul option is chosen without fail. The center cannot hold.

We can plainly see the strategy of the Postmodern establishment. In areas under blue dominion, the governing class has ruthlessly oppressed normality, while at the same time stepping back from their duty to prevent chaos and crime, actively encouraging destruction. The goal of these domestic enemy combatants seems to be to collapse stability in the areas they control, and drag the entire country down with them.[1]
Everything possible is done to punish citizens who protect themselves and to shield the vilest of street thugs.

[1] "The Postmodern War on America." By Richard Bledsoe, The Remodern Review, 6/14/20.

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