Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Quickies: A Perhaps Unintentional Bon Mot

     Unless you play contract bridge, you’re unlikely to be familiar with the bridge lexicon. It contains a number of phrases you’d be unlikely to encounter outside of a contract bridge game. Yet I’ve just stumbled over one of them that strikes me as strangely, charmingly appropriate:

Joe diGenova says US Attorney John Durham is working guilty pleas with various Deep State actors involved in the Trump coup attempt.

     I should have expected the phrase Trump coup to appear sooner or later. It’s one of the more advanced tactics involved in the play of the hand – i.e., the phase that comes after the bidding is complete. Here’s a good explanation of the trump coup, for non-bridge players interested in exploring the matter further.

     President Trump won the presidential election by Constitutional means. Those determined to thwart him believed they held “higher cards” than his mere Electoral College majority. But Trump over-ruffed them: by his performance in office, by his direct appeals to the electorate, and (of course) by his innocence of the spurious allegations made against him.

     Indeed, we could even call this a grand coup -- the version of a trump coup in which the non-trump cards the Declarer over-ruffs are the highest in their suit (i.e., winners by themselves). But that would pollute the beauty of the phrase.

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If charges are filed and people jailed in the forest, and the enemedia don't report it or spin it for the "D"s, does it change anything?

Just online on LinkedIn a person talked about Trump's comments about Biden saying "defund the police" was debunked.

Despite there being ample (video? I haven't looked.) evidence that he did say this, that he did say the police were the enemy, it's not in the enemedia - so they don't accept it. And if you point them to anything but the New York Times-Traitor, etc., they don't believe it anyway because of the source.