Thursday, July 23, 2020

The Limits of Science and Reason

This is a neat explanation of WHY Science is failing to serve as a basis for ordering Society. We've reached the point when our developed systems are far too complex to control, much less monitor. It's why Asimov's Psychohistory is Bunk.

We have mixed our populations in America. Rather than the relatively uncomplicated Celt vs. Saxon, or French vs. German, we now have mixed heritage - which may not represent any of that person's or group's cultural roots.

We have, rather than Whig and Democrat and Tory, multiple personally-defined parties, pursuing both stated and unstated aims, and all battling for top spot for THEIR guys. Cutthroat politics, dirty tricks, secretive funding, and technology-assisted political machinations.

We have multiple economies - reported payrolls/banking, contractors, under-the-table, 'street' economy, EBT/Section 8/Medicaid, Social Security/Pension/IRA/money-stuffed-under-the-mattress - that's just a few off the top of my head. Oh, and non-official transfers to and from foreign countries.

We have "integrated" classrooms (that rigorously exclude the lower classes, Black or White from the Honors/IBE/G&T tracks-that-are-not-tracks-because-tracking-is-bad), newly re-segregated universities (but, this segregation is a GOOD segregation, because, because, oh, shut UP!), and private schools systems for when that fails (but, not the BAD private systems, like charters and parochial schools).


Don't make me laugh - it hurts to think about how reason is - suddenly - a BAD thing.

You know, one of those BAD, White Supremacist things that publicly funded organizations spend a lot of time making graphics about that PROVE how awful it all is.

Like raising your kids to be responsible and independent - oh, the HORROR!

Schlichter is looking like a prophet more and more, every day. Trump may well be the last president of the United States. Not because he is a tyrant, but because we may fracture officially very soon.

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Col. B. Bunny said...

There is NO 7th Cavalry even remotely available or willing to begin to unwind this. You can clearly see that the antibodies and T cells instantly clump around patriots, proponents of white interests, pro-lifers, anti-communists, and advocates of ballot integrity.

You see this even with Facebook, so help me, whose apparent foot dragging on the matter of total vaporization of conservative/realist opinion has resulted in a massive advertiser boycott.

Trump sounds an uncertain trumpet at best. All we've got for now but, bottom line, it's tragically and monumentally insufficient.

Objective realities will drive the course of events in the next five years, probably more.