Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Coming attractions.

I believe anybody who has managed to stay sane through the travails of the past four years cannot fail to see that the clinically incompetent Joe Biden is an obvious stalking horse for something more sinister. I think we will learn what that is before much longer.[1]
The thought that the American presidential election could serve the interests of a cynical, hostile, unidentified minority consisting of, presumably, the super rich and Freddy Kruger is highly offensive. Truth to tell, that's the norm for presidential politics but in the past, as a simple courtesy to the schmuck voter, it was at least presumed that the eventual "winner" would be the face of the executive branch for the next four years.

Now, the putative would-be top Democrat guy is demonstrably corrupt, creepy, and bordering on full-blown Keynesianism. He's being kept in his cage basement under close control by North Korean amazons but the likely de facto president in the event of Victory of the Lunatics is yet to appear on the scene. Diablo ex machine. We dodged the Mayor Pete and the First Husband bullet but there are always Susan Rice, Lowretta "Axe Me About My Granchirrens" Lynch, Samantha "Responsibility to Bomb" Powers, Valerie "My Whole Damn Family Plus the Cabana Boy Are Communists" Jarrett, and Lori "I Special" Lightweight. Hell, why not Nikki Nookie? That subcontinental ass would be scrumptious to contemplate for four years and I'm being deadly serious here.

The bench is deep.

This is some sick scenario working its way into the sunlight of our exceptional democratic woke wonderfulness with the eventual puppet/selectee to be, fear not, the distillation of all the pathology, stupidity, and dishonesty that can be force fed down the gullet of the Deplorables. Or introduced by other means.

Fashion your seat belts, folks. It looks like were heading into a bit of turbulence.

Peak stupidity is almost here.

[1] "Position Statement." By James Howard Kunstler,, 7/17/20.


Linda Fox said...

Worse. It's not just who takes the VP slot, it's who gets APPOINTED to the then-vacant slot after the VP moves up. That's the person who scares the hell out of me.

Col. B. Bunny said...

I live in a state of perpetual terror. Garrison Keillor was funny back when when he mocked the security energized.

Nowadays the comedy material writes itself:

*** Armed attorneys hold off zombie mob.

*** Mayor with bi-sexual wife paints racist "mural" on street in front of hotel owned by reality TV star.

I know it's correctly said that there's nothing new under the sun. I'm just wondering when the pendulum will eventually swing back. For now, however, if you swing a cat at the forthcoming Democrat coronation you'll either hit someone who's on anti-psychotic meds or who's an admirer of Pol Pot. Those are the only two possibilities.

George True said...

You could likely hit any one person there with said cat and realize both of those possibilities.

Col. B. Bunny said...

You got me. You're quite right. I'll do better next time. :-)