Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Nice of the Never-Trump RINOs to Out Themselves

Those that don't go? MAYBE for health concerns - some of them are quite elderly (a good argument to stepping down and having their replacement take their place), but most are just - well, baby kitties.

Cesar Rodney would be whirling in his grave at the thought. He already was suffering from the cancer he died of, a few years later, when he rode a horse 70 miles through a storm to be in Philadelphia for the Declaration vote.

BTW, when I dissed baby kitties, I was not serious. I've known those furry little guys to stand up to large animals and - with the assistance of those razor blades, run them off.


greggBC said...

I once had a cat that had been a stray. It would chase large breed dogs out of our yard.

squeeky's mom said...

Nothing sharper than a little kitten's needle point claws.