Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Sow Wind Reap Whirlwind Dept.

     There’s an attempt in progress to perpetuate the “lockdown psychology” the media and the CDC bureaucracy inflicted on us over the Wuhan coronavirus. It’s a multi-pronged thing, with components derived from the Wuhan virus (“there could be a second wave!”), the possibility of a new strain of the infamous “swine flu,” and a general drive to inculcate Americans with mutual fear as the default social condition. It’s made little headway so far, thank God, in part because of the blatant hypocrisy of the political elite and the media in tarring religious gatherings and Trump rallies as unspeakably dangerous, while Leftist “protests” – i.e., violence, vandalism, and looting – are deemed quite safe. That having been said, don’t expect the Establishment and its media annex to give up easily. The WuFlu lockdowns gave them a taste of the totalitarian power they dream of each night, and they want more of it.

     But there are signs that the reaction to their gambit might refute it utterly:

     Like it? I do. I’d advise spreading it around. You might garner some useful new acquaintances. You might also get a few nasty comments, but that’s part and parcel of anything pro-freedom or pro-American today.

     The point, of course, is that private citizens have also had their taste of totalitarianism, and they’ve been revulsed by it. They want their country back the way it was. If this was a deliberate attack by Red China – a possibility I refuse to discount – that makes it especially galling that our political elite and media should have fallen in line with it. If it was a collaboration between Red China’s masters and ours – another possibility I refuse to discount – the hour for action is upon us: it’s time to break out the muskets and march.

     In either case, it must be tolerated no longer. Further rationales for the reimposition of the lockdown regime must be rejected with prejudice. States where it hasn’t actually ended – New York is one – must experience a full course of “Irish democracy:” that state of affairs in which the government can decree and orate to its heart’s content, while ordinary folk ignore it and go placidly along with their affairs.

     I say this despite being a member of the “high risk group” according to the CDC. It’s important enough for those of us who understand and love freedom to take the risks involved.

     Approximately 88,000 governments ride Americans’ backs. If the laws, regulations, taxes, and fees they impose upon us don’t produce measurable improvements in our society, our environment, and our nation’s prospects, why submit to them? Especially when some persons are openly defying those laws, including the most serious of them, and getting away with it with official connivance. What else can it mean that the BLM / AntiFa “protests” are winked at while the rest of us are sternly counseled to keep our masks on and stay at least six feet apart?

     One good rebellion deserves another. In the face of officialdom’s attempts at tyrannizing decent Americans, while they look the other way as anti-Americans pledged to our destruction loot, burn, and kill, the rebellion we commemorated just this past Saturday deserves a rerun.

     Buy guns and ammo. Verbum sat sapienti.


Jonathan H said...

Last night I was in 2 stores in a state that just issued a mask order - I didn't wear one and nobody said anything. In the one store, the only person wearing a mask was the cashier.
Of course, that mask order has lots of exemptions and the governor has said it won't be enforced, but many people and stores aren't recognizing any exemptions.
My state has a mask order in the hardest hit counties, but even there current cases are less than 100 out of half a million or more residents.

JWM said...

I've noticed that as the plandemic has been diminishing that many people have gone from a mouth and nose covering to an appliance that covers everything from the eyes to the throat. Every day I see the faceless in 90+ degree weather walking alone on the street, or riding alone on the bike path or driving alone in the car with these horror masks clamped to their heads like the beast from the movie, Alien. Can they be so frightened, so foolish as to believe they are in danger when not a soul is within a hundred yards of them in any direction? Either answer, both "yes", or "no", is equally disturbing. If yes, then these folks are thoroughly brainwashed by the television. If no, then they wear the horror mask as a perverse signal of virtue, and compliance with a totalitarian political agenda.


Andy Texan said...

The wheel chair bound governor of Texas whose body is healthier than his mind is strongly contemplating a second shut down. He has already allowed the demoncrat mayors and county officials run over the people. He is breaking with all the other republican office holders to throw in his lot with the demons.