Thursday, July 23, 2020

Sometimes They Come Right Out And Say It

     The current Darling of the Left, the execrable Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez (whom a rational constituency wouldn’t have elected deputy assistant dog catcher), made it quite plain where her priorities lie:

     AOC has since deleted that tweet. Please share it with everyone in the Solar System. (If you have any relatives visiting from Ophiuchus or Aldebaran, share it with them, too.) And have a little "theme music" to wash it down:


Jess said...

AOC is advocating sedition, which is a criminal act. In a perfect world, someone else would be filling her congressional seat, while she sits in prison.

Francis W. Porretto said...

I'd say we could expect to see that in a world that's just moderately better than our current one, Jess. Ours has fallen so far from grace that I sometimes wonder what the Second Coming is going to look like.