Sunday, July 19, 2020

The cheesy French response to the Yellow Vests protests.

The article below by Thierry Meyssan is a fascinating glimpse of the contempt that the French elite have for the French people. As the Yellow Vest protests boiled up, Macron nearly resigned out of fear. He regained his composure and commenced to paper over, divert, and obfuscate what he could about legitimate popular grievances.

I'll call it "Modern Western Government 101" without much fear of contradiction. "Die, populist scum!" would be a more accurate description of the operative mindset. And, wouldn't you know it, but Macron removed immigration from the "debate" right out of the chute.

We don' need your steenkin' 'pinions! FOAD.

I can only say, keep it up, mothertruckers. Keep . . . it . . . up. Along with the intentional blinding of protesters by your security forces.

France is wound up tight as a drum, not unlike this country. I don't see any around who aren't clowns and who are capable of bringing about some kind of d├ętente. As in the exact sense of that term. An economic implosion will make that irrelevant anyway. Some Sergeant Batista will take the stage I suspect.

"The slow disintegration of the Republic in France." By Thierry Meyssan, Voltaire Network, 7/12/20.
An entertaining read, no lie. I had no idea that there was such a vast exercise in having a national debate. Which quickly degenerated into "a debate."



I read - and I don't recall where - that the "Elites" across the world view themselves with greater solidarity and affection as their own in-group than they view their own nations.

Based on this article, etc., I would concur.

Col. B. Bunny said...

Young people are often attracted to what seems exotic and alluring in other cultures. After all, one's own existence can be mundane and we don't stand out among our peers. It's kind of a rush to say, "I'll take fries with that" in Austrian.

But I like to think that fades some. I once extolled the virtues of Chinese women to my mother after a visit to Taiwan but she responded that American women have a lot to offer too. I understood that I'd been off the mark some and was not seeing reality as clearly as I should.

I think you're right about the mutual regard of the elites hither and yon. Why that cancels out any loyalty to one's own is beyond me, however. If you saw the movie "Last of the Red Hot Lovers" you know the message in the end was that the familiar has much to treasure. A very clever movie btw.



My wife is an Asian from Kazakhstan, and a Sunni Muslim to boot (at least in name, in practice she's an atheist). Can't get much more exotic than that. ROFL.

She's given me two beautiful kids, so I am grateful for that. She's agreed to have them be Jews, not just "raised" as Jews but we've gone through one conversion process and when they do their Bar/Bat Mitzvahs I want to switch to an Orthodox synagogue so they can do that conversion too.

Having said all the above, if I were back in time knowing what I know / being who I am, I'd have gone for the familiar: Joined an orthodox shul and mingled, gotten to be known, and made it clear I was hoping to meet someone. (Though, in full honesty, even though I'm Ashkenazi I'd seriously look at a Sephardic woman - if only because I like Sephardic food a lot better. Potato and chicken liver salad? YUK!)