Saturday, July 11, 2020

Which Way Are You Inclined?

     I know a fair number of people who are utterly confident that President Trump will be re-elected in November, that the Durham investigations will produce massive numbers of indictments of former Obama Administration insiders, that the economic rebound after the Wuhan virus panic will break all records, and that there will be a meaningful World Series this coming October. I also know a fair number or people who are utterly despondent, as they’re convinced that President Trump will lose to Senile Joe Biden, that the Durham investigations will sputter out without meaningful consequences, that the economy will linger in the doldrums for many more months, and that baseball as we have known and loved it is but a memory.

     I belong in neither of these groups. I won’t predict any of the outcomes they foresee. I wait, watch, and wonder whether all is not as it seems.

     What about you, Gentle Reader?

     John Wilder opines thus:

     How did the Modern Sporting Lawyer make you feel?

     That’s why he and his wife are condemned. That’s why they have vowed to cancel him, to make an example of them, to find a way to charge them with crime. They are the opposite of demoralization.

     The Modern Sporting Lawyer and his wife drive the Left crazy. Here, their desire to destroy as a senseless mob was turned back by only two people.

     Can you imagine if the Right was united? I can.

     Wilder is cheerfully optimistic, despite his warning that we in the Right must stop fighting amongst ourselves. I like the tone of his piece and the direction of his sentiments, but I can’t fully share his optimism. As a wise man once said:

Confident is how you feel
Just before you get blindsided.

     (Who was that wise man, I hear you ask? I think it was me.)

     To that effect, we have this recent development:

     Law enforcement officials in St. Louis have allegedly served a warrant on the St. Louis couple who recently defended their home when a large mob of angry demonstrators allegedly trespassed onto their private property.

     “5 On Your Side has learned St. Louis police officers executed a search warrant Friday evening at the home of Mark and Patricia McCloskey, the Central West end couple who confronted protesters with weapons in June,” KSDK News reported. “Sources tell 5 On Your Side police seized one of the weapons, the rifle, from the couple and they told police their attorney has the pistol seen in photos.”

     Fox News host Shannon Bream confirmed the news in a tweet, writing, “BREAKING: Warrant reportedly served on St. Louis couple who stood outside their home with weapons as protesters approached. We’re told weapon(s) seized. We’ve got the warrant and pictures for you at 11p – PLUS, Missouri @AGEricSchmitt joins us LIVE…”

     So the “forces of order” in St. Louis have disarmed a couple targeted by a violent and destructive mob. That couple is the very same one Wilder referred to in his optimistic piece. As this news was broadcast on St. Louis media, the mob now knows that the McCloskeys have been shorn of the power to resist them. What would you predict from these conditions?

  • Will the McCloskeys ever get their weapons back?
  • Will they face charges for having dared to defend themselves?
  • Will other St. Louis residents dare to defend their property with weapons?
  • Will the mob attack the McCloskeys’ home now that they’ve been disarmed?
  • Will the D.A.s of other riot-torn cities react similarly toward armed defense of private property?

     It doesn’t look good to me – certainly not as rosy a picture as John Wilder has painted.

     The central unanswered question throughout the riots has been “Which side is officialdom on?” It must be answered locale by locale, of course. In some areas, the answer has been heartening: no one in Coeur d’Alene has been harassed by the police for having defended that city from the rioters who tore up Spokane. In others, the answer appears to be the reverse: in St. Louis, defending yourself against criminals is being treated as a criminal offense. Here on Long Island, the chips have yet to fall.

     A great rearrangement of regional populations is underway. Large numbers of Americans are departing from long-time homes on the coasts, especially in and around the major cities. They’re moving to less densely populated areas that have not yet been targeted by the Black Lives Matter / AntiFa / Communist coalition. Many are giving up a great deal – careers, neighborhoods they’ve loved, proximity to family and friends – in a quest for greater safety from the rampaging mobs. That constitutes a barometer of popular sentiment: yea, even among those who voted for the very officials who have sided with the mobs and against peaceable citizens.

     As soon as I can manage it, I will be part of that population rearrangement. I want to believe that all will be well, as John Wilder has predicted. However, belief must give way before the evidence – and just now the evidence does not inspire confidence:

  • The mass army of the Right John Wilder envisions is not yet in evidence.
  • Police forces in riot-torn cities have stood aside before the rioters.
  • D.A.s would rather prosecute the peaceful and law-abiding.
  • No federal response to the riots is in prospect.

     So: How do you see things working out, Gentle Reader? If you’re a resident of – or proximate to – one of the riot-torn cities, what are your strongest inclinations concerning the safety of your home and family? What conceivable developments would cause you to alter those inclinations?

     Please let me know. What you can tell me about conditions in your district, and how you’re minded to meet them, is information of value to others in similar circumstances. Lives could be at stake.


riverrider said...

not in nor near a lib craphole, but if i were i'd be packing my stuff. yes, its by location. here the capital and lib cities run amuck taking down statues as politicians run around like keystone cops trying to out- virtue signal each other. meanwhile 95 percent of the state passes anti gun control ordinances and put up flags. i see the cities consolidating the libs as the cons move out and eventually secession and war as the libs try to make the cons pay for the libs stupidity. it'll take several years yet, maybe with a few miss-starts along the way as libs enforce their "law" on us cons while exempting themselves. johnny reb has to feel he has nothing to lose before he takes up arms,but woe be unto those who wronged him. things will be markedly different this time. last time we fought we assumed the other side would do so in a gentlemanly fashion. they did not, so there will be payment in kind. sadly. God help us.

John in Indy said...

Another fact about the St Louis DAs' overreaching attempt to defend the rioters and persecute the defenders is that the entire neighborhood is a private property. There are no public streets for the rioters to "peacefully occupy" with their "protest". They tore down a gate to get in.
The DAs' actions are illegal, but not unexpected. This is what Soros was buying with his DA Project. The Secretary of Stste Project, equally successful, is to do the same thing to deny us our voting rights.
It will be at the point where individual people decide that they have no protections in the law that things will start to go kinetic.
The Prog Left thinks that having the Right find no relief at the ballot box will draw the deplorables out where the Progs can use the power of the State to crush us in set-piece battles. WRONG.
If the switch for direct action is ever thrown, the result will look more like the Kansas/ Missouri border war, the Balkans, Vietnam, or Fallujah, and will almost certainly crash the US, and probably the Western World as well.
I would like to think that we can vote and sue our way out of this, but I am no longer hopeful.
John in Indy

ontoiran said...

on the ground here in south texas, everything is pretty normal except for the social distancing and bars being closed. no one is paying any attention to or enforcing greg abbott's mask bs. in my little area we have never seen or heard any antifa or blm bs.
The central unanswered question throughout the riots has been “Which side is officialdom on?”
i think you already have the answer to your question. have you seen or heard a single solitary pos politician (dim or cuckservative) say A WORD in condemnation of the rioting, arson, looting? or in defense of the mccloskeys? right now i'm so thoroughly disgusted by what i'm not seeing or hearing from d.c. that i think it's affecting me physically. our government (with the exception of djt) serves no purpose AT ALL except to suck our lifeblood from us. our forefathers would have been stacking bodies a LONG time ago, but they were completely self-sufficient. i think today too many people RELY on government cheese, or some bs job to get off their couches and into the streets

Andy Texan said...

Major population areas are all the same overrun by non-Americans who vote left while real Americans are departing/departed. Thus the politics are moving in an untenable direction. However, they have also acted to kill the reason most people wanted to live in the city: quality of life. Can't shop. Can't eat out. Can't attend events. Business of all types not yet closed are under pressure and sure to fail eventually. Authorities are targeting their opponents with oppression. Seems like the decision is being made for us.

robins111 said...

Apparently the local gun shop, gifted the Modern Sporting Couple, with a brand new, upscale AR15.


MMinLamesa said...

CDL is going the way of s ID cities like Boise and Great Falls. It's inevitable. The locusts become dissatisfied with the outcomes of their voting and look to greener pastures. Most of CO, where I lived for over 45 years, is red but the state is controlled by Denver and Boulder Counties.

I got fed up with the bullshit even living in Fremont County, mostly white and conservative. The small town I lived in, Canon City, had virtually no crime, I could walk the streets at 2am with out fear of assault. None the less, the policies and laws spewing out of the statehouse affected me adversely. Legalizing reefer and the Republican Party destroying Tom Tancredo was the last straw(s).

My friends who remained are aghast at far and quickly CO descended. My move to w Texas opened my eyes to what is happening there. Over 10,000 people/month are moving into the DFW area alone. Many 100s of 1,000s have done so all over Texas and counties like Dallas, Travis and Bexar are solid blue and rapidly increasing in population. Even Tarant County(Ft Worth!) is turning. It'll be just like CO with large population dense areas electing representatives who change the nature of the entire state.

So now I'm in what I consider a relatively "safe" state. Leftists hate AR, MS and AL and are disinclined to move here. Fine the fook with me. My small town suffers not a whit from diversity and there certainly isn't any rioting or monument desecration.

This last move was a booger and I'm staying put now.

Linda Fox said...

I'm only 1/2 hour south of Charlotte, NC. The crime in that city, and the nearby NC towns that surround it, is out of control. Mostly theft outside of Charlotte, but, inside, armed robberies, assaults, and murders. Mostly gang-related, but some independents.

It's primarily the Black population that is involved. There are Hispanics - even MD-13 - in Charlotte, but most of them keep it out of the streets.

SC is funny. Used to be a sleepy ol' town. In 1960, some students from nearby HBCUs traveled to Rock Hill, SC, and staged a sit-in at McCrory's store. It led to some local kids from a Junior College to do the same in 1961 - they became famous as the Friendship 9 (from the name of their school). They initiated the Jail - No Bail tactic, and refused to be released. They expected this would crowd the jail and cause the government to give in. The whole story is here -

The city dedicated a plaque and a mural to that event.

So, what about now?

First, Rock Hill, outside of the relatively small central city, is pretty spread out. Almost all the kids travel by car or bus to school. The part of the city I live in is just about a mile or so from actual farm land. And, the new construction in the city - other than some apartment housing in the central part of town - is also spread out.

That's the norm in SC. Families that own any property often have acres of it. When their kids grow up, they give them a few acres of it to build a house on. And, every one of those families hunts, and keeps some guns for protection.

In the newer developments (nearer to Charlotte, like in Tega Cay and Fort Mill), it's pretty typical suburban housing - dinky lots, overpriced homes, and Liberal attitudes. We're kinda lucky; long before they pose a threat to us, they'll feast on those chuckleheads. And, there's a lot of them, enough to keep the jackals busy for a long time.

We've been hit in Rock Hill with a mask mandate recently. A few years ago, the SC legislators were considering a limit on how many deer a man could take a year. LOTS of guys, with guns, showed up to strongly protest, and explain to the dumbfounded politicians that it would NOT be a good idea to put that to a vote.

They dropped the idea.

So, probably, for now, OK.

I'm more worried about my kids - one in Chicago (the North side - she SAYS its safe), the other two in Cleveland. They both live in a neighborhood that has a lot of public employees - including cops and firemen - close by. Both are former military, and not easily bullied, so...maybe OK.

Linda Fox said...

MS-13, not MD-13

Paul Bonneau said...

"In some areas, the answer has been heartening: no one in Coeur d’Alene has been harassed by the police for having defended that city from the rioters who tore up Spokane."

BTW a similar thing happened in Klamath Falls, Oregon. A lot of other places too, it seems.