Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Alea Iacta Est Part 2: Why Darkness?

     After reading this piece, a few Gentle Readers wrote to ask why “I can’t see anything but darkness in our future.” I thought what I wrote then is a sufficient explanation, but perhaps it isn’t. So here it is as a set of “bullet points:”

  • Those who are legally empowered to overturn the fraudulent election will not do so.
  • That leaves as alternatives only armed insurrection and surrender to the thieves.
  • Armed insurrection would require millions of Americans to risk everything they have. I consider that unlikely; the comfortable seldom give up their comforts if they can persuade themselves that “it will be all right in the end.”
  • Therefore, the thieves will soon have the levers of power in their hands.

     Now, one could point back to the Clinton and Obama Administrations and argue that, since things didn’t go completely to Hell during those periods, it’s likely that America will come out the back of this one in decent shape as well. I wish I could agree. However, I believe the current crop of thieves to be qualitatively different from their predecessors on the Left.

     When one combines:

  • Amorality;
  • Vengefulness;
  • And Stupidity; a single movement, the consequences are guaranteed to be dire. And the contemporary American Left is rich in all three.

     There are three currents to be addressed here:

  • Economic;
  • Political;
  • Social.

     Let’s take each one in turn.

     Once installed in power the Left will conduct a surrender-or-be-destroyed campaign against the midsize and small businesses that make up the greater part of our productive system. The bulk of support for the MAGA / America-First agenda comes from those midsize and small businesses, which makes them a prime target for the Left’s vengefulness. Subjugating or destroying them will put de facto control of the American economy in a small group of very large corporations. Those companies, being few, easily shackled, and already heavily Left-colonized, will function as control mechanisms for the American populace.

     Stupid? Of course. It will reduce the nation to penury, at least relative to its former position. But that won’t stop the Left.

     Politically, we may expect the federal government’s vast bureaucracies to move against any elected officials who might oppose the Left. This is in their pattern: Destroy the opposition if possible; defame and delegitimize it if not. There will be hundreds of investigations against outspoken legislators and executives of Right-leaning convictions. Many will leave office; most of the others will silence themselves.

     Don’t think so? The IRS has been doing it for years to deflect Congressional scrutiny that might result in a substantial diminution of its powers. With the DoJ, Homeland Security, and the intelligence agencies onboard, the power the White House will be able to exercise will make the IRS look like children in a sandbox.

     Ordinary Americans, who’ve been free with their opinions, will also be put under pressure to conform or shut up. The “cancel culture” we’ve already suffered didn’t have federal power behind it; what’s coming from the Biden/Harris Administration will be much more muscular. It won’t be just Big Tech any more; Americans will be prosecuted for sedition, possibly even for treason, merely for speaking in opposition to the regime. And even if the First Amendment should prevail, remember that the process is the punishment. Defending oneself will be painful and expensive. Add that to the ostracism, and the potential loss of livelihood, that the accused are likely to face.

     Foreseeing this stuff doesn’t require a crystal ball. It’s all happened before, in other countries whose power structures were captured by a socialist movement. There is no reason to think that the United States will prove an exception.

     There are only two ways the above progressions can be averted. The first is the one we’re all hoping for: an overturning of the thefts and frauds that have attempted to award the White House to demented corruptocrat Joe Biden. That could arise from the relevant state legislatures, or it could come as an intervention from the Supreme Court. But how likely is either course?

     The second solution is an armed insurrection dedicated to the restoration of the Constitution in its full effect. I just can’t see it. As I wrote yesterday, war is a young man’s business. American youth have been thoroughly propagandized against their country and its heritage of freedom. Americans with families and established careers are unlikely to take up arms against “their government.” I’d like to think we older folks would support any force that does take the field in defense of freedom and governmental legitimacy, but even that would remain to be seen.

     I wouldn’t count on the existing armed forces. The Obama Interregnum has left them deeply divided, possibly too deeply to be a restorative force. The armed elements of the federal bureaucracy will naturally be on the side of the regime. If an insurrection should occur, it will be manned by private American citizens. How many and how effective would they be?

     Not looking good, is it?

     These are not counsels of despair. They’re prognostications: what we can most probably expect from the stolen 2020 presidential election. I do expect resistance to the thieves’ regime to arise. I hope it will be massive, overpowering, sufficient to paralyze the thieves for as long as they hold the executive branch of the federal government. But that, too, seems a hope against the odds.

     I want to be wrong about all of this. Perhaps so; I can think of nothing that would make me happier. But I don’t think I am.

     One final note concerning this...person who suggested that I should “STFU.” I note that you, sir, go by an anonymizing moniker. I don’t; everything I write appears under my full and correct name. Thus it shall be henceforward, as well, in sharp contrast to cowards who decline to stand behind their opinions. If you think you can silence me, whether by intimidation or force, feel free to try it. I may be old, but I have 20/20 vision, plenty of guns and ammo, and I can still shoot straight.

     Have a nice day.


David DeGerolamo said...

I wish I could disagree with your points but you make valid points. Until people suffer, they will not rise up. With the existing Deep State infrastructure on steroids, the people will feel pain. There is no John Galt coming but there will be Henry Bowmans.

If Trump understands the consequences of this stolen election, he will use the Insurrection Act and enact martial law. Better Trump than Harris in this scenario. As for Biden, he is a dead man walking once the Deep State is done with him.

Unknown said...

Many moons ago there was a contingent of people all over this great nation, who by want, banded together to save our country. Guns, dehydrated food, buyout places and plenty of ammo. We studied our medical deeply. 15 years later I can protect my home gladly but run thru tall grass, hide behind trees, run to a neighbors home isnt in the picture. Im not that person anymore. I truly wish I was, sincerely I do. Working together to keep a certain people out of my town, I can do with the help of others. It takes a group now not individually. Glad to have the younger crowd. We welcome you all. We can give you information we have from time past. Its still good. God help us save our Country. This is Our Country and it is our duty, some how, some way to protect it and bring it back to those years we began.

Ragin' Dave said...

That person who told you to STFU - what kind of brain-dead nimrod demands that people try to perform actions to which they are unsuited? I don't expect you to ruck a 120 pound load into combat. Hell, the days of me being able to ruck 120 pounds and still be able to fight afterwards are a few years in the past. But we all fight in the capacity that we're able to fight, and I see you more in the Thomas Paine function, rather than a trigger puller and door kicker, no matter how much you want to kick in doors and pull triggers.

That nimrod would have everyone charge into a hail of gunfire, just to be able to say that everyone was fighting. And that's how you lose.

Linda Fox said...

We also fight who provide supplies from our own stores, information, temporary shelter, and money.

Why the descent into darkness?

So that we might appreciate The Light.

It took less than 40 years for the Israelites to throw away the lessons of slavery. They tossed away God and freedom for the slavery of idol worship. Why should any of us think we are wiser?

This is a Winnowing Time. Those that will not be slaves will be tested - and, some will fail. They may fail due to lack of courage. They may fail due to weakness - physical, moral, or mental.

They may fail by their unwillingness to shuck those who cooperate with evil. They may fail one time, and lose their chance to enter the Promised Land.

I have no idea how this will turn out, or when there will be an end to it. I only know we have reached the point of making our choices.