Saturday, December 5, 2020

Some Random Thoughts, Heading into the Weekend

 I was following the comments on Chicago Boyz, and it started me thinking. We actually know very little about China. I mean, other than what they WANT us to find out about. So most of the commenters are just speculating about what would happen under a Biden presidency.

What I DO know is that the land is immovable - America's land, that is. If they want to take over a technology, that’s relatively easy. Bribe a politician, offer cash incentives to tech execs (and/of compromise and blackmail them), and, MAGICALLY, the tech is yours.

But the land.

It’s rich. Relatively unpolluted, lots of fresh water, great climate for growing. Many people who know how to produce bumper crops - so much output, they have to be PAID to reduce potential crops.

We also have plentiful fuel - oil, gas, coal. We lack a few strategic essential minerals, but can easily use trade to procure them.

The ONLY way to take over the land is invasion. Whether that invasion is armed and Chinese, or armed and illegal aliens.

I think that’s been the plan for a long time. Fortunately, the Chinese are easily recognizable by their ethnic features. So, they’ll have to use proxies.

Is that what’s been behind the push to fill our country with aliens?

Here’s a report from the State Dept. meant to bring Biden’s crew up to speed on China.

Haven’t read it yet. Will do so later.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m having ‘news fatigue’ - I made that up, but I’m convinced it’s a real thing.  The news is coming out too fast for most of us to keep up with, so we rely on skimming articles, just reading summaries (and, by a huge coincidence, the news media just HAPPENS to have those available online and in broadcast news).

It makes it hard for people find the time or energy to search out stories that are complete and accurate. Here is one that you will like.

Well, this could be interesting. Dominion has no right to do business in MO. Seems they didn’t pay their taxes. 

They gamed this strategy long before this election. The Dems were prepared, and not afraid to blatantly steal the election.

A halfway decent investigation should be able to determine this, and if it is as is reported, the results should be thrown out and turned over to the legislature.

 For whom are we saving this country? Are there enough of us leaving offspring that care?

Human rights? Not so important.  Don’t kid yourself, this is the plan for those soon-to-be UNpersons, with the help of the Left’s Good Buddy, China.

I’m enjoying the drops of info from behind the scenes at CNN. I do hope O’Keefe is taking precautions. I’d hate to see another SUDDEN and SURPRISING death occur just as he is taking down the media.

Bookmark this site to keep informed about the current court cases involving the election.

Last, in response to a post on The Passive Voice, I wrote the following in a comment:

We have had an extremely unhealthy immune system in this country, for a long time, whether that concerns our social health, financial health, relationship health, or, yes, our political/leadership health.
I’m not just talking about the current lightning rod, DJT.
I’m talking about the unhealthy way we have been manipulated into sacrificing our personal relationships for pseudo-friends on social media. The way so many have persuaded themselves that being heavily leveraged is OK, as long as they can ‘make the payments’.
How working long hours, and being too tired when finally free of the day’s obligations to initiate or sustain a meaningful relationship, and, instead, settling for a meaningless and random exchange of bodily fluids with strangers. Getting emotional sustenance from a romance novel or TV channel, while avoiding actual family/emotional connections.
Buying overpriced junk you don’t need with money you don’t have, all to impress people you don’t even know.
Spewing invective at political/business leaders, people associated with them, and random strangers on the street. Threatening to commit crimes – even attacking people for their disinclination to ‘believe’ the same things you claim to. Competing on social media to be ever and ever more outrageous.
Overlooking the abuses of ‘our’ side, and demonizing any perceived abuse of ‘them’.
Failing to look at a central problem of ALL government processes – the way that the system is BOUGHT by financial (and political) interests – business corporations, banking, insurance, and the non-governmental organizations – charities, foundations, unions, and interest groups.
Cheering on arson and looting of businesses, government offices, and even residences – because those doing it are ‘on your side’. Reading and watching only those news outlets that agree with you. Becoming unable to even talk to a person having a different viewpoint, even about non-political topics.
Reflexively using words: Fascist, Racist, Homophobic, Liberal/Progressive/Leftist (used in a derogatory manner). Cutting off family and friends over issues, AND feeling completely justified. Taking pride in having done so; posting about it on social media (the practice known as Virtue Signaling).
Wearing a mask, not because you believe that it will help, but because it identifies you as a GOOD PERSON. Refusing to wear a mask, even though you agree it has some validity, because “no one can tell me how to live”.
We have overcome our natural inclinations, to live and let live. To mind our own business, and accept that others are acting in good faith. We have worked our nation into a fever-pitch of anger, contempt, and rage.
It’s not the disease I worry about – it’s the broken immune system of our national culture. We need to break the cycle of partisanship, and work together to re-build our country, or we will succumb, due to our impaired immune system.
We need to reduce our National Fever. We need to cool off, listen to others, and work on improving our OWN lives.

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