Thursday, December 17, 2020

Mask Slippages Dept.

     Consider Sundance’s observations:

     Why are state and local officials still shutting down businesses and the media still pushing the overall narrative of fear? Recently the highly manipulative left have stated that even after a person receives two vaccine shots, they must still wear a mask, remain socially distant, adhere with lockdowns and comply with all of the rules and restrictions….

     If there is no life benefit, then why get vaccinated?

     What many fail to realize is the purposeful deployment of COVID-19 was weaponized to achieve an objective. Those who are using COVID to create the great societal reset they desire are not going to let up. They need COVID-19 as a justification for the expansion of government and the fundamental changes they are attempting to initiate.

     Please read it all. He’s right in all particulars.

     The image of a mask slipping is unusually poignant just now. Yet masks are slipping all around these United States. Some of the faces being revealed look a wee bit abashed at having been found out. Others are tight with fury.

     It’s not about the disease. It’s about control. It was always about control. They knew it, we didn’t...and they did their level best to keep us from twigging to it.

     Fear was and is the key. A government that can instill unreasoning, paralyzing fear in its subjects can do whatever else it likes to them. But the fear must be fear of one another. Merely fearing some nebulous threat is insufficient. We must be made to fear those around us, perhaps even our most intimate relations and our closest friends.

     They had the media as allies.
     They intimidated our pastors and rabbis.
     They forced our traditional gathering places to close.

     They have atomized and confined us as thoroughly as it’s possible to do to Americans. If it weren’t for the Internet, many would be completely incapable of communicating with anyone outside their own homes. And it wasn’t just Democrats doing it.

     I stole the following from Free North Carolina:

     Reflect on that.

     The next question is always “the next question:”

What can we do about it?

     And the answer is always the same:

Whatever you personally can do.

     Are you paralyzed with fear? Are you afraid to walk into your office, your local grocery store, or your preferred pharmacy without a mask? Afraid to shake the hand of some friend or acquaintance you haven’t seen in a while? Afraid to post a sign on your business’s front door that says No one shall be admitted WITH a mask and tell the regulators and their myrmidons to stuff it where the moon don’t shine?

     They only have the authority we give them, you know. If enough of us tell them that their farce is over, then it’s over. What can they do? Imprison millions of Americans, when they’re already letting thousands of convicts out of the jails and prisons, supposedly to keep them from getting the WuFlu? Besides, aren’t we somewhat imprisoned already — and without the free food and medical care, at that?

     As a self-employed person who works out of his home, I’m in an anomalous position. I can’t be hurt, so I have nothing to lose. You might feel that you can’t take the risk of defying the “authorities.” You might feel that it would be improper to go shopping, or to church, or wherever without a face diaper. Inconsiderate of the feelings of those around you. But how much consideration do you owe them – and how much of it are they showing you?

Free men do not ask for their rights and freedom.
They take them.
Verbum sat sapienti.
     “Art dogs,” he thundered, “or men? Ball-less wonders, castrates all? Hear me! Form ranks!

     [Frank Yerby, An Odor Of Sanctity]

     Have a nice day.

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pc-not said...

Up until the middle of April, I was behaved a lot like most Americans, cautious and a little fearful of the China virus. Being self-employed, I found myself in the midst of a beach house remodel at one of our more affluent locals here in NW Florida. Just prior to spring break I was dreading the traffic sure to make my daily commute to paradise challenging.

Our governor was one of the last to succumb to the lockdown madness and with most of my friends being over cautious about going out of the house, I kept on working. I was amazed to find that the beachfront street that my job was located on was deserted. A proverbial ghost town. Just yours truly and a few Mexicans were the only living souls there for several weeks. Technically, I was in violation of a state mandate, but I went grey and continued to work evert day.

During this time I spent many hours in the evenings seeking knowledge from alternative sources. After a couple of weeks I began to see the light and realized that the whole thing was a fabricated scam. I rarely even listened to Fox anymore back then, so the MSM did not influence me at all.

What really shocks me to no end is how so much of the population is still inside the Matrix. After spending countless hours trying to convince friends and family about the real science of this charade, I am at my wits end as to how most still buy into the narrative. I could spend pages describing the illogical responses I have gotten from people. Even my wife, a staunch conservative whom usually reasons well is dead set against my approaches to enlighten. I am now finding that most of these same people, having realized that the election was stolen, are resigned to the fact that a corrupt administration is about to change their lives.