Thursday, December 10, 2020

Don’t Kid Yourself (UPDATED)

     Yes, I know I said I wouldn’t return to this subject, but this appeared yesterday evening at InstaPundit:

     Thought experiment. There are five Democrat justices on the Supreme Court. There was a Democrat president who just ran for reelection. He supposedly lost, but virtually all Democrat voters believe that massive fraud in several Republican controlled states caused him to lose. Many Democrat attorneys general file a lawsuit in the US Supreme Court, essentially identical to the one that is pending now.

     Does anyone believe for a second that those five Democrat justices wouldn’t do absolutely anything necessary to make sure the Democrat control of the presidency was maintained?

     The point should be clear to anyone with an IQ above room temperature.

     By and large, we in the Right have been scrupulous about following established rules and procedures. In normal times that’s an admirable thing. But these are not normal times. One side – to be clear, there’s the pro-Constitution, pro-American side and there’s the Democrats – has thrown away the rules as an impediment to its schemes. But unless both sides play by the rules – the same set of previously agreed-upon rules — there are no rules and there can be no applicable conception of fairness.

     “When you throw away the rules, that’s the end of the game.” – Rock Hudson as President Tom McKenna in World War III

     Unless whatever responsible authorities remain intervene, as they should, to prevent the theft of the presidential election, the “American game,” better known as the United States of America as defined by its Constitution and the subsidiary constitutions and charters of the fifty states, will have ended. No rules; no game. No America. Just war: continuous, occasionally visible war between the people of the (former) United States and a soi-disant “Establishment” / “political class” / “ruling elite” determined to impose its will on us. There’s no way to prettify it.

     To close, have another thought experiment: Imagine that the Supreme Court hears the Texas case against the validity of Pennsylvania’s election horror. Imagine that it rules for Texas and its amici curiae: i.e., that Pennsylvania’s election is deemed invalid and its electoral college votes are not to be counted on January 6. Do you think the Democrats would accept SCOTUS’s ruling, say “Oh well, I guess we lost, better luck next time” and settle down?

     Don’t kid yourself.



George True said...

I believe one of two things is going to happen:

1) SCOTUS will rule in favor of the states, and those electoral votes will not count or will be awarded to Trump. Result - Trump remains President.

2) SCOTUS rules against the states and the President invokes the Insurrection Act as well as certain clauses of the 2018 Executive Order. Result - Trump remains President.

In either case, the Democrat/Communist party absolutely will order BLM, Antifa, and their various other gangs of Communist revolutionaries to burn the cities, and they will enthusiastically attempt to carry out those orders.
In either case, they will fail, and many of them will die and/or be arrested. There will be an entirely different set of Rules of Engagement in effect. Because it will be US Marines and regular Army troops in the streets kerping order, and anyone attempting to throw a Molotov cocktail is going to get shot. And the ones who are arrested will likely be facing military tribunals instead of civilian courts.

Since the election, Trump has fired or replaced not only Mark Esper as SecDef, but also a not insignificant number of other high ranking officials at DOD. Over the last four weeks, there has been a massive increase in military air traffic. Just within the last week, there have been nightly formations of C-130's and C-17's, at least sixty or seventy per formation, flying from the Eastern US to places like Nellis AFB in Nevada, and unloading everything needed to establish FOB's (forward operating bases) all over the West Coast.

President Trump is waiting for the court cases to play out. I am sure that he hopes that SCOTUS will throw out the obviously and massively fraudulent election, and make the military option unnecessary. But if they do not, I believe that he is prepared and willing to enact the military option. I am pretty sure that he understands very well that allowing a Harris/Biden regime to be installed on 01/20/2021 would be tantamount to turning the rulership of the United States over to the Chinese Communist Party. I do not believe President Trump will allow that to happen.

Col. B. Bunny said...

A most interesting comment, Mr. True. That increase in air traffic is news to me. Hmmm. I don't get the formation deal though. There's no benefit to formations here and I'd put my money on proper staging so that individual aircraft are dispatched in intervals. Receiving installations need time to process arrivals.

And why only FOBs on the west coast?

Still, I'm disquieted by having heard no other whisper about such movements.

I also have my doubts about the Insurrection Act. I've not read it but it seems to me that this is a constitutional crisis of the first order and possibly basing presidential action on a mere statute seems a legal error. Trump made the same mistake (this might be) when he sold his actions on the border, such as they were, as somehow stemming from his authority under various statutory provisions relating to "emergencies." He resolutely avoided basing his actions on Art. IV, Sect. 4 regarding his authority to protect the states from invasion.

George True said...

Col Bunny: it was probably more like convoys of military air transports rather than formations. Sorry if I used a misleading term. As for why only West Coast, according to Jeffrey Prather (retired DIA special operations officer), they are expecting trouble all over, but distances out West are more vast, and thus existing bases are relatively farther between, thus a need to pre-position a certain amount of materiel from East to West.

As I understand it, laws that were enacted in 2015 plus the 2018 Executive order specifically names federal elections as critical infrastructure, and also says a cyberattack on our elections by foreign actors is considered an act of war, and the President has the authority to invoke martial law, and to arrest domestic actors who were involved in it. Regardless which law he invokes, I think it would be a monumental mistake for Trump to just do nothing and allow Biden & Coompany and their CCP handlers to get away with it.

Andy Texan said...

Highly recommend Jeffrey Prather podcast and Mike Adams situation podcast ( Very encouraging and realistic. Also Alex Jones who is a modern day prophet.


I remember a few years ago, Bill Whittle discussing - IIRC an election - where he recalled someone who lost a big football game but said "We got more first downs than you did"! Bill said the opposing - winning - side said "OK, next time we'll play for first downs".

When one side, as you note, is willing to cast aside the rules to win the game, there's no game any more.

The problem, as I see it, is that our side (at least in the Elite circles) is more interested in peaceful coexistence, read: submission, and continuing to be invited to the beautiful-people cocktail parties (let alone continuing to feed at the federal trough).