Sunday, December 6, 2020

Peak cynicism.

Comment on an article about abolishing internal combustion cars:
The Kleptocrat Oligarch(s) Crime Family(s) uniPARTY Government employee union and its Corporations agents official narrative is never the real story for their electric "emissions" RESET.
Gunston_Nutbush_Hall on "Japan Set To Abolish Gas Powered Cars By Mid 2030s." By Tyler Durden, ZeroHedge, 12/6/20.

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sykes.1 said...

In the US, transportation accounts for 28% of total energy usage, and it is nearly all petroleum fueled. The other 72% of US energy usage is electrically driven, but 63% of that comes from fossil fuels. 20% of electrical power generation comes from nuclear, and 18% from renewables, mostly hydro.

So, 73% of total US energy consumption comes from fossil fuels. Complete fossil fuel independence requires that we build at least 600 1100 MW nuclear power stations. We also need to replace the hundred or so existing reactors that are actually beyond their design lives. So, lets call it 700 new reactors.

Besides that we need to expand the capacity of the distribution systems by at least 40%. If people actually are allowed buy electric cars, the expansion has to go right to the individual homes.

Fat chance. Most likely the mass of people will lose their cars.